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eu catchmaster attractant granular fly bait set of 10 - 0, thumbnail

Granular Fly Bait, set of 10

Out of stock

Granular Fly Bait, set of 10

eu catchmaster attractant granular fly bait set of 10 - 0

Granular Fly Bait, set of 10

Out of stock

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Product information

Granular Fly Bait is a type of bait used to control and eliminate fly populations. The Set of 10 refers to a package that contains ten containers of granular fly bait, each weighing a specific amount.

The benefits of Granular Fly Bait Set of 10 include:
Effective control of flies:
- Granular Fly Bait is highly effective in controlling and eliminating fly populations in outdoor and indoor environments.
Versatile application:
- Granular Fly Bait can be used in a variety of settings, such as barns, stables, and outdoor areas.
Easy to use:
- Granular Fly Bait is easy to apply by scattering it in areas where flies are known to frequent, such as trash cans, manure piles, and other areas where organic waste is present.
- Granular Fly Bait provides long-lasting control of flies, helping to prevent future infestations.
Convenient packaging:
- The Set of 10 packaging of Granular Fly Bait provides an economical and convenient solution for large areas, as it includes multiple containers of granular fly bait for easy application.
Safe for use around humans and animals:
- Granular Fly Bait is safe for use around humans and animals when used as directed, making it a suitable solution for residential and commercial settings.
Reduces Odor:
- Granular Fly Bait is formulated to have reduced odor, which makes it more suitable for use in sensitive areas where strong chemical odors may be a concern.

Please be sure to read, understand, and follow the full Conditions, Disclaimer, and Directions for Use. Use the appropriate personal safety equipment if required and when needed.


Additional Information

Manufacturer CatchMaster
Packaging set of 10
Formulations Granules
Trap type Attractant
Color Blue
Get rid of Flies
Reusable Are not
Usage Area Indoor, Outdoor

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