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bls safety equipment bls 400 series 425 filter - 1, thumbnail

425 Filter Cartridge ABEK2P3

Out of stock

  • bls safety equipment bls 400 series 425 filter - 1

425 Filter Cartridge ABEK2P3

bls safety equipment bls 400 series 425 filter - 1

425 Filter Cartridge ABEK2P3

Out of stock

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Product information

Applications, restrictions and warnings:

This filter can not be used in the following conditions:

- When the type and concentration of impurities are not known.

- When the oxygen level volume is below 17% (closed environments such as wells, tunnels, tanks, etc) or up to 23.5% by volume.

- When certain conditions are hazardous to health and life of the user.

For use in potentially explosive environment follow the required standards of safety rules at work. The filter must not be altered or transformed. Leave the work area if it the mask is damaged, consequences may include: shortness of breath and / or fainting.

The filter does not require any maintenance or repair.

Instructions for assembling filters:

- Unseal filter,

- Remove protective housing,

- Remove the cover,

- Make sure the filter is correctly positioned in its holder on the mask,

- If the filter is not well screwed user can be exposed to inhalation,

- Verify the mask seal against the user's face.


- After use, or after transportation, it is recommended to keep the filter in the original packaging and / or sealed in packaging.

Cleaning, maintenance and duration of use:

- Filter does not require cleaning;

- Filter requires no maintenance or repair;

Filters should not be used if:

- Become saturated; gas filters is considered to be saturated when the user can feel the gases and vapors; the cartridges are considered to be saturated when inspiratory resistance becomes too high.

- The expiry date has gone (5 years from date of manufacture).

Additional Information

Manufacturer BLS
Packaging 1 piece
Destination use Population, Professionals, Trained personnel
Shelf life (years) N/A
Formulations No
Protection type Filtering Cartridges
Color Black

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