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eu bird control group repellent agrilaser handheld 500 - 1, thumbnail

Agrilaser Handheld 500

Out of stock

Agrilaser Handheld 500

eu bird control group repellent agrilaser handheld 500 - 1

Agrilaser Handheld 500

Out of stock

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Product information

Agrilaser Handheld is an innovative product that uses a laser beam that birds see as a physical danger nearby, forcing them to fly from the area you want to protect in search of safer locations.
The Agrilaser Handheld 500 is a powerful laser that can be used during bright daylight.
Bird Control Group has devoted years of research to developing the laser beam. By applying a very precise combination of optics, filtering and light frequencies, exceptional results, and performance have been achieved for long-distance repelling of birds.

How to use:
-In order to make usage more accurate and safe over long distances, the Agrilaser Handheld is equipped with a red dot sight. This feature will allow for better accuracy when aiming at the desired target and then activating the laser.
-For preventing unauthorized access, the Agrilaser Handheld comes with a key lock system.
-The laser has a robust design that offers effectiveness in difficult situations. The shockproof cover provides protection against damage caused by drops and dust exposure, being suitable in a variety of environments.
-When used for a consistent period of time, birds will perceive the controlled area as insecure and will avoid landing.

Important notes:
-It has an output power of 500 meters in length during daylight and up to 2500 meters during cloudy days or night time.
-Light conditions: During bright light conditions, a higher laser output power is required.
-Distance and beam angle: Using a higher laser output power will balance out the loss of contrast by spreading the laser beam over a larger surface area.
-We recommend using a laser with higher output power in environments with light-absorbing surfaces.
-Agrilaser Handheld 500 is effective against birds such as Pigeons, crows, ducks, gulls, geese, starlings, swifts, herons, and others

- Efficiency proven 100%;
- It's easy to use;
- Range of action up to 2500 m;
- Robust design, shock-resistant and efficient in difficult situations;
- Equipped with a lock system to prevent unauthorized use;
- Effective in sunny weather, fog or rain conditions;
- Suitable for chasing a large number of bird species;
- Environment-friendly;
- Rapid and long-term results.

Technical specifications:
Laser beam color Green
-Service life laser source 5,000 h
-Power source 1 x Rechargeable lithium-ion 18650 battery
-1 x CR2032 battery (scope)
-Power input 3.7 VDC
-Energy consumption 6 W
-Dimensions (L x W x H) Length 42.7 x Width 76 x Height 83
-Weight 880 g

Additional Information

Manufacturer Bird Control Group
Packaging 1 unit
Formulations Plastic
Get rid of Birds
Type of effect Optic
Power Battery
Usage Area Outdoor

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