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eu bird control group repellent agrilaser autonomic 200 - 1, thumbnail

Agrilaser Autonomic 200

Out of stock

Agrilaser Autonomic 200

eu bird control group repellent agrilaser autonomic 200 - 1

Agrilaser Autonomic 200

Out of stock

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Product information

Agrilaser Autonomic 200 is a fully automated device with continuous operation, capable of repelling birds with a one-time configuration.

The operating principle of the Agrilaser Autonomic 200 is inspired by nature. Birds perceive laser beam as a physical danger and disperse to seek safety. Agrilaser Autonomic offers both short-term and long-term results so that birds will consider the area as insecure and will not return.
Unlike conventional bird control methods, Agrilaser Autonomic does not allow birds to become accustomed to the laser beam.

Important notes:
-Agrilaser Autonomic can easily be installed in various locations with large outside areas such as airports and aerodromes, aircraft hangars, tanks, orchards, vineyards, farm fields, land fields, marinas, shipping vessels, offshore oil rigs, roofs tops of large buildings and warehouses, and others.
-Agrilaser Autonomic 200 is effective against birds such as: Pigeons, crows, ducks, gulls, geese, starlings, swifts, herons, and others.
-The advanced technology of the Agrilaser Autonomic allows for the combination of extremely precise optics, filtering, and light frequency. It ensures the protection of a surface of 12 square kilometers from a single position. Agrilaser Autonomic was built in such a way, to meet high-grade industrial quality standards, to ensure minimal maintenance in the field.
-We recommend the use of a laser with higher power output in an environment that includes light-absorbing surfaces.

Advantages and benefits:
-It can save up to 16 predefined patterns;
-It offers immediate long-lasting results;
-Suitable for repelling a large number of bird species;
-Powered by  AC or solar panel (individually purchased);
-Precision of laser beams;
-It does not produce noise and is environmentally friendly;
-It does not injure birds or other animals.

Agrilaser Autonomic
comes equipped with AC power by default. For use in areas where the power grid is not available, the  Agrilaser Autonomic can connect to a solar charging system to allow operation. The solar panel and battery are not included and can be individually purchased.

Flexibility in use:
The system allows saving up to 16 different projection patterns and 3 different time intervals. Each individual model can be assigned to a period of time, providing efficient control of the birds depending on the periods and places desired.

Efficiency and safety in use:
The projection system (PSS) prevents the device from projecting the laser beam outside the predefined models.
The user has the ability to set the safety sensitivity level  (low, medium, high, and extremely high) by choosing appropriate settings depending on the preferences and characteristics of the model.

Safe key lock system
The user can set a password to prevent unauthorized access to the adjustment settings.

Emergency stop:
In case of an emergency, the Agrilaser Autonomic can be quickly deactivated by depressing the emergency button located insight.

Agrilaser Autonomic consists of three different models, each with a different laser output power. The Agrilaser Autonomic 100, 200, 500). Choosing the right model is essential in order to generate laser projections with sufficient contrast to be able to effectively repel birds.
A higher laser output power is recommended for use during bright light conditions.

Distance and beam angle:
A higher laser output power will balance out the loss of contrast when the laser beam is spread over a larger surface area. Agrilaser Autonomic is effective over a long distance, however, the actual surface covered by laser depends on particular situations and obstacles present in the field.

Technical specifications:
Laser beam color - green, class 3B;
Laser output: <200 mW;
Covered area: 12 sq kilometers (3,000 acres / 1,200 hectares);
Projection range: Horizontal 0° to +355° / Vertical -70° to +20°;
Number of predefined patterns: 16;
Waypoints per pattern: 100;
Variable speed: 4° - 6° / second;
Power source: Adapter (100-277 VAC) or solar (optional);
Operating voltage: 12 - 15;
Power consumption: 60 W (peak operating power);
Dimensions: Length - 41 cm / Width - 41 cm / Height - 56 cm;
Weight: 10 kg;
Endurance: IP65 (suitable for both indoor and outdoor use);
Safety: Password lock / Emergency stop button / Indicator light / Projection Safety System (PSS);
Operating temperature:
Autonomic 100: -10° C to 50° C;
Autonomic 200 & 500: -20° C to 50° C;
Relative humidity: 20% - 95% (non-condensing);
IR Filter: Available.

The support, the solar panel, the battery, and other accessories can be purchased separately.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Bird Control Group
Packaging 1 unit
Formulations Plastic
Get rid of Birds
Type of effect Optic
Power Grid
Usage Area Outdoor

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