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eu birchmeier sprayer fogger rec 15 pc4 - 5, thumbnail

REC 15 PC4

Regular Price: €1,104.08


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REC 15 PC4

eu birchmeier sprayer fogger rec 15 pc4 - 5

REC 15 PC4

In stock

Regular Price: €1,104.08


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Regular Price: €1,104.08


In stock

European Store can dispatch today


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Product information

This Birchmeier REC 15 PC4 electric sprayer is suitable for disinfecting large surfaces. Being wearable, it has adjustable pressure and it operates on a battery basis. With an ergonomic design, it is also easy to carry as it weighs only 4.4 kilograms when the tank is empty.

From 1876, since the establishment of the Birchmeier company, they have produced only high-quality equipment. For this reason, at the present moment, they are among the leaders of the production of sprayers and other similar products, being located and carrying out all their activities in Switzerland. With the objective of efficiency and durability, the products manufactured by Birchmeier exceed even the strictest standards imposed by professional users worldwide.

Working comfort offered by:

  • Consistent spray pattern;
  • Redefined ergonomics, special design to ensure ideal wear, which ensures comfortable posture;
  • Exit for the front hose;
  • Secure clamping system with click belt;
  • Recessed fasteners;
  • Simple height adjustment system when wearing;
  • System for removing batteries quickly and efficiently;
  • Electronic control;
  • Intelligent pressure control;
  • Adjustable operating pressure (0.5 to 6 bar);
  • Energy-efficient, it can be used with a single charge up to 8 and a half hours (2.2 hours at maximum pressure);
  • Protective configuration for pump and battery.

Performance characteristics:

  • 0.5 - 6 bar;
  • 0.07 - 0.15 l / min;
  • 18 V Li-Power / 4.0 Ah;
  • Battery pack charging time <80 min.
Spray nozzle:
  • Model NF 125, G1 / 4 ";
  • Adjustable length, between 1 mm and 3 mm;
  • It offers the adjustment of the spray pattern from fine steam to jet;
  • It ensures the spread of the dispersed substance even in areas difficult to reach, in corners or cracks;
  • The fine nozzle of the empty cone specially designed for use in disinfection;
  • It provides an adjustable pressure level, which offers a splashing level between 0.32 l / min and 1.58 l / min;
  • Support for secure storage.

CAS Battery:

  • The Li-Ion battery has high performance and a fast and easy to use replacement system;
  • Separate charging station for batteries;
  • Compatible with over 160 devices;
  • Several types of compatible batteries available separately;
  • Charging time under 80 minutes.
  • The charging level is indicated by the LED light.

The CAS (Cordless Alliance System) battery pack unites several top manufacturers in the field of work equipment to create the strongest battery that is compatible with over 160 devices in the 18V class.

Spray metal rod:

  • 50 cm in length;
  • Attached to a 1.3-meter flexible hose;
  • Support for efficient and easy storage;
  • Trigger valve with integrated filter.

Solution tank:

  • 15 liters capacity;
  • LId provided with filter;
  • Manual pressure control option, with ON / OF button;
  • Autonomous pressure control, via sensor;
  • Air tank;
  • Engine pump.

The fine droplets released by the machine and the low flow produced by it allows for uniform coverage of the surfaces, without soaking them. Therefore, surfaces can be used again shortly after.

Birchmeier REC 15 PC4 is compatible with the AS1200 air supply system, which offers a turbocharging effect of chemical dispersion and extends its range up to 13 meters.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Birchmeier
Packaging 1 piece
Formulations Plastic
Apparatus Type Sprayers, Sprayers Backpack
Apparatus Mobility Backpack
Color Red
Tank Capacity 15 litres
Power Battery

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