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eu birchmeier sprayer fogger as 1200 - 0, thumbnail

AS 1200

Out of stock

AS 1200

eu birchmeier sprayer fogger as 1200 - 0

AS 1200

Out of stock

Product information

The Birchmeier AS 1200 Battery spray blower helps achieve large spraying range with pre-spraying and a variable air stream. Birchmeier AS 1200 is a portable ULV generator, extremely powerful and quiet, easy to use, with an electronic control system and an integrated spray nozzle, which offers a new dimension of pest control by spraying with controlled air flow. It is powered by an additional rechargeable battery and can be used together with the battery back sprayers from Birchmeier REC 15, REA 15 and REX 15.

By means of an adjustable air flow and pressure-controlled pre-spray, AS 1200 achieves the maximum transport of the spray substance over the required distance, from 0 to 13 meters.

The result is a minimum loss of spray solution and a long reach of the treatment applied. The air stream also causes the targeted leaves to move, providing optimum wetting and penetration of foliage and shrubbery. The AS 1200, powered by an additional battery, is combined with a sprayer from the Accu-Power line. The spray blower is extremely powerful, easy to operate, and impressively quiet.

With its adjustable air stream and pressure-controlled pre-spraying, the AS 1200 achieves maximum fluid transportation over the required distance.
- Adjustable air stream
- Specified pre-spraying
- Configurable application rate
- Evenly distributed droplet spectrum
- Optimum target penetration
- High level of target area efficiency
- Improved use of active ingredients

- Up to 3.5 hours of rechargeable battery power
- Adjustable airspeeds up to 65 m/s
- Additional power level
- Up to 13 meters in range
- Low noise emission
- High energy efficiency

Additional Information

Manufacturer Birchmeier
Packaging 1 piece
Formulations Plastic
Apparatus Type Cold Foggers
Apparatus Mobility Hand Carried
Color Red
Power Battery

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