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eu belchim insecticide crop trebon 30 ec 1 l - 1, thumbnail

Trebon 30 EC, 1 litre

Out of stock

Trebon 30 EC, 1 litre

eu belchim insecticide crop trebon 30 ec 1 l - 1

Trebon 30 EC, 1 litre

Out of stock

Can be used by
Population, Professionals, Trained personnel

Product information

Trebon 30 EC, 1 litre is a versatile insecticide and a control tool for horticulture and rapeseed plants: ended for use in horticulture and rapeseed crops. It is highly efficient against the major insect species that threaten plant cultures.

- Two applications per year are sufficient for efficient control;
- Highly effective even at high temperatures and in powerful sunlight;
- Lasting repellent effect, rainfast;
- Short withholding period;
- Optimum control for rapeseed and fruit trees.

Action mode of Trebon 30EC:
- It acts quickly, delivering a powerful knockdown effect, through contact as well as when ingested by insects;
- The formulation allows for curative action and preventive control, remaining active on the surface of leaves;
- The product has proven to have inhibiting action against eggs, controlling populations of insects from the very core of the problem.

Methods of application:
- Applied using sprayers intended for pest control products;
- Use together with other insecticides (different chemical constituents and action modes) to avoid the generation of insecticidal resistant insects.

Trebon is compatible with pest control products and is highly recommended for use in pest control programs.
It is highly stable both in acidic and alkaline mediums and can be tank-mixed with most insecticides and fungicides.

Take the necessary precautions for the safety of birds, bees, and animals. Trebon is toxic to non-targeted creatures.

Culture Pests Dose
Vine Lobesia botrana 0,300 l/ha (în 1000 l water)
Appletree Cydia pomonella 0,03% (0,45 l/ha)
Rapeseed Athalia rosae 0,3 l/ha
Melighethes aenneus 0,4 l/ha
Cabbage Mamestra brassicae (L1 – L2) 0.04% (0.240 l / ha in 600 l solution / ha)
Apple Quadraspidiotus perniciosus 0.03% (0.45 l / ha in 1500 l of water)

Please be sure to read, understand, and follow the full Conditions, Disclaimer, and Directions for Use. Use the appropriate personal safety equipment if required and when needed.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Belchim
Packaging 1 litre
Destination use Population, Professionals, Trained personnel
Formulations EC-Emulsifiable concentrate
Active Substances Etofenprox
Active Substance Concentration 287.5 g/l
Crops Apple tree, Cabbages, Rapeseed, Vineyard
Bio Crops Not suitable
Mode of action contact, ingestion
Crop pests cabbage moth, fruit worms, moths, rape beetle, scale insects, weevil
Dosage 0.2-0.3 l/ha
Application Type Low pressure spray
Odor slight

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