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bayer seeds treatments prestige extra 370 fs 1 litre - 2, thumbnail

Prestige Extra 370 FS, 1 litre


Out of stock

  • bayer seeds treatments prestige extra 370 fs 1 litre - 2

Prestige Extra 370 FS, 1 litre

bayer seeds treatments prestige extra 370 fs 1 litre - 2

Prestige Extra 370 FS, 1 litre


Out of stock

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Product information

Insecto-fungicide Prestige Extra 370 FS

Active substance: Pencicuron 250 g / liter + Imidacloprid 120 g / liter.

Features: Insecto Fungicide used to treat potato tubers to control Colorado beetles, aphids and rhizoconiosis.

Mode of action: Prestige Extra has systemic action and at the same time contact with pests. Imidacloprid, the insecticidal component, forms around the tubers a protective halo through which the contact action on insects in the soil is manifested.

Imidacloprid systemically enters tubers and hence is distributed in the aerial parts of plants, acting on the pests during the vegetation period.

Pencicuron, the fungicide component, has contacting action, preventing rhinocytosis infections that may have as a source the infectious seed used in planting, or plant debris incorporated into the soil.

How to use: Prestige Extra is used to treat potato tubers for the control of Colorado beetles (adults and larvae), aphids and rhizoconiosis during the vegetation period.

The period of protection against those pests is about 80 days after the crop rises.

Tuberculosis treatment is carried out simultaneously with planting, using the plant mounted on the planting machine. Depending on the operating parameters of the plant, 40-60 liters of solution per hectare is required. The need for a commercial product per hectare results from the multiplication of the required dose for one tonne of seed / ha of tubers. To the resulting amount add water to the required volume of solution.

Prior to the start of the work, the water sample of the application installation is performed to determine its operating parameters. When preparing the solution, the Prestige Extra vials should be shaken prior to emptying in the tank.

It is not recommended to apply the product to the band at the same time with the sorting, because the excess moisture from the treated tubers, especially in the absence of their drying possibilities, can favor the expansion of the bacterial infections in the tuberous mass.

Tuberculosis must be well matured, with good germ and force, free of bacteriosis, virosis, mycosis and wounds. Avoid tuberculosis being cut before planting, due to the risk of bacterial infections and lower vigor. Do not treat the tubers that are found to have a weak force after keeping.

Treated plants: Potato


Damaging agent



Colorado beetle

0.5-0.6 liters / ton (depending on the planting rule)

Do not exceed 180 g / ha



Additional Information

Manufacturer Bayer
Packaging 1 litre
Destination use Amateur, Professional
Fungicides Active Pencycuron
Active Substance Concentration 120 g/litre; 250 g/litre
Crops Potato
Formulations FS-concentrated seed treatment suspension
Shelf life (years) No

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