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eu bayer erbicid sencor 600 FS 20 ml - 1, thumbnail

Sencor 600 FS, 20 ml


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  • eu bayer erbicid sencor 600 FS 20 ml - 1

Sencor 600 FS, 20 ml

eu bayer erbicid sencor 600 FS 20 ml - 1

Sencor 600 FS, 20 ml


In stock

Express Delivery in Europe

starting at just €12

1-2 Days

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Product information

Sencor 600 SC is a flowable concentrate for seed treatment with active substance - metribuzin 600 g/l. 

Sencor 600 SC is a selective herbicide for pre and post emergence weed control in carrots, peas, potatoes, tomatoes and other crops. A single application gives residual control as well as a knockdown effect on a wide range of weeds.


  • Sencor 600 SC controls a variaty of weeds early on leading to increased yields and greater profitability
  • can be used for both pre and post-emergence weed control allowing for longer opeartion time
  • ease of use
Using Sencor 600 SC on Carrots

Weeds: Pre and post-emergent
Apply when carrots have reached the two true leaf stage, but before the majority of weeds have reached the 4 leaf stage.

Using Sencor 600 SC on Potatoes

It is applied at a rate of 0.9 liters / ha pre-emergence, after planting on the entire surface, followed by post-emergence treatment at 0.6 liters / ha when potato plants are up to 5 cm high -3 foliage formats).

Using Sencor 600 SC on Tomatoes

Pre-emergence in tomatoes seeded directly on the field: Apply after seeding but prior to crop emergence. If necessary, follow with a post-emergence spray.  Use 0.45 liters/ha, followed by a second post-emergence herbicide treatment at a dose of 0.35 liters/ha at a minimum of 40 days. 

Post-emergence in direct seeded or transplant crops: Apply as a directed spray when the tomatoes have 4 true leaves and the weeds are at the cotyledon stage. Use the herbicide at a dose of 0.6 litres/ha, 5days before planting, carried out after the preparation of the land for planting.

Using Sencor 600 SC on Soybean

Pre-emergence treatments is applied before sowing, using a dose of 0.35 liters/ ha.

Volume solution:  200 - 400 liters / ha. 

WARNING: Sencor 600 FS is not to be used for tomato crops in a greenhouse and is not to be applied on sandy soil.

Combat weeds:

Amaranthus retroflexus - amaranth

Capsella bursa-pastoris - shepherd's purse

Chenopodium album - fat hen

Galinsoga parviflora - wild basil 

Matricaria chamomilla - wild camomile 

Polygonum aviculare - knotgrass

Stellaria media - chickweed

Viola arvensis - field pansy 

Sinapis arvensis - wild mustard

Sonchus arvensis - field sow-thistle

Echinochloa crus-galli - barnyard grass

Poa annua - annual bluegrass

Apera spica-venti - common windgrass


Additional Information

Manufacturer Bayer
Packaging 20 ml
Destination use Amateur, Professional
Shelf life (years) 2
Formulations SC-concentrated suspension
Herbicides Active Metribuzin
Active Substance Concentration 600 g/l
Against Annual bluegrass, Barnyard grass, Chickweed, Common windgrass, Fat hen, Field pansy, Field sow-thistle, Knotgrass, Redroot pigweed, Shepherd's purse, Wild basil, Wild mustard
Crops Potato, Soybean, Tomatoes
Dosage No
Timing of application Postemergence, Preemergence
Types of weeds annual dicotyledonous, annual monocotyledonous
Application Type Low pressure spray

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