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eu bayer fungicide serenade aso 100 ml - 0, thumbnail

Serenade ASO, 100 ml

Out of stock

Serenade ASO, 100 ml

eu bayer fungicide serenade aso 100 ml - 0

Serenade ASO, 100 ml

Out of stock

Product information

Serenade ASO, 100 ml is a professional foliar fungicide designed for the reduction of damage caused by various fungal diseases in a broad spectrum of agricultural and horticultural crops. Serenade ASO is a biofungicide containing Bacillus subtilis QST 713, which is a naturally occurring bacteria that is not genetically modified.

- for professional use only
- foliar application and Soil application
- it prevents plants diseases and infection
- it induces the systemic resistance response of the plant
- controls Botrytis cinerea as a post-harvest drench treatment
- it can be used as a drench treatment to harvested cabbages

Action mode:
- Foliar application: disruption of the cell membranes of the pathogens resulting in physical breakdown of its cells.
- Soil application: active colonisation of roots until crops can benefit from better plant health and higher looks which leads to better sales.

Methods of application:
- via conventional hydraulic sprayers, air assisted sprayers and hand held sprayers in a minimum of 100 litres water/hectare and a maximum of 1000 litres water/ha, to just before run-off.
- apply every 7 days or alternating with a suitable authorised plant protection product.
- apply during drilling, planting or transplanting via hydraulic sprayer or drip feed irrigation lines in 100 to 1000 litres of water according to the method of application as a prevention treatment for various soil borne fungal infections on a broad spectrum of crops as indicated.
- do not overpass the treatment solution more than 3% (i.e 30 mls product per litre of spray solution) with a maximum application rate of 20 litres spray solution (600 ml product) per tonne of cabbages.
- application must only take place where any product runoff from the crates/ storage bins and spray equipment washings can be contained e.g. on a biobed or bunded residue collection area.
- diluted pesticide waste must be kept and disposed of safely and legally to protect humans, wildlife and the environment, especially groundwater and surface water.

- It may be used as a foliar spray alone or in alternating spray programmes with other registered crop protection products. Alternating with fungicides of different modes of action, along with the use of cultural control methods, is advisable for resistance management.

- Do not use irrigation equipment.
- To avoid risks to human health and the environment, comply with the instructions for
- Before using make sure all spray equipment is clean.
- Add half the volume of water required, and start mixing and then add the required amount of Serenade ASO, continue filling spray.
- Keep agitating until the spraying is finished.
- Prior to storage or before using another crop, clean thoroughly the application equipment.
- It can be stored with care at a room temperature for two years.
- Higher temperatures may reduce its lifespan.

Please be sure to read, understand, and follow the full Conditions, Disclaimer, and Directions for Use. Use the appropriate personal safety equipment if required and when needed.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Bayer
Packaging 100 ml
Formulations SC-concentrated suspension
Active Substance Concentration 14.1 g/l
Crops Apple tree, Beet sugar, Lettuce, Ornamental plants, Pear tree, Potato, Rapeseed, Raspberries, Vineyard
Diseases Fire blight, Mold, Powdery mildew, Rhizoctonia
Dosage 2-8 l/ha
Bio Crops Suitable
Application Type Low pressure spray

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