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eu bayer fungicid nativo 300 sc 5 litri - 1, thumbnail

Nativo 300 SC, 5 litres


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  • eu bayer fungicid nativo 300 sc 5 litri - 1

Nativo 300 SC, 5 litres

eu bayer fungicid nativo 300 sc 5 litri - 1

Nativo 300 SC, 5 litres


In stock

Express Delivery in Europe

starting at just €12

1-2 Days

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Product information

Active substance: 200 g / liter tebuconazole + 100 g / liter trifloxistrobin


Nativo 300 SC is a systemic fungicide for combating foliar diseases and spice in cereals. Nativo 300 SC is a fungicide with systemic action in plants. It is a product that can also combat forms resistant to other fungicides due to the different activity of the two active ingredients.

Mode of action:

Tebuconazole penetrates the aerial parts of the plant and is distributed acropetally within the tissues where it blocks the expansion of the fungus by inhibiting the ergosterol synthesis process. Trifloxistrobin has a broad spectrum of activity. Its action is mesostemic and is characterized by its very high affinity with the surface layer of the plant, redistribution and redeposition on the aerial parts of the plant. Over pathogenic fungi, Nativo has preventive and curative action associated with a long-lasting effect. Nativo has a very wide application range. Basically, it can be used throughout the vegetation period. Specific to this product is the effect of "green leaf" (keeping the green foliage for a longer period of time), which allows extra accumulation of grains, and thus production increases.


Wheat and barley 0.8 l / ha for combating foliar disease complexes (wheat: flour, septoriasis, rust, leaf breaking, barley: firing, brown burning, reticular patching, leaf breaking).
Grain: 1 l / ha to control spice fusarium (Fusarium spp). Nativo 300 SC is used for 1-2 vegetation treatments. The application interval is between the beginning of the bump and the beginning of the blooming. In the case of a single treatment, the optimal application time is the appearance of the leaf. The volume of solution required is 200-400 l / ha. Nativo 300 SC protects the culture 16-18 days after application.

Treated plants: Wheat, Barley

Diseases and Fungi: Mildew, Septorioza, Fusarium, Helmintosporioza, Barley and Rye scald, Net blotch of barley and other crops. 

Additional Information

Manufacturer Bayer
Packaging 5 litres
Destination use Amateur, Professional
Shelf life (years) No
Formulations SC-concentrated suspension
Fungicides Active Tebuconazole, Trifloxystrobin
Active Substance Concentration 200 g/litre, 100 g/litre
Crops Barley, Wheat
Diseases Fusarium wilt, Leaf stripe, Powdery mildew, Rust, Tomato leaf mold
Dosage No
Bio Crops Not suitable
Application Type Low pressure spray

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