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eu bayer fungicide luna experience 10 ml - 1, thumbnail

Luna Experience, 10 ml


In stock

  • eu bayer fungicide luna experience 10 ml - 1

Luna Experience, 10 ml

eu bayer fungicide luna experience 10 ml - 1

Luna Experience, 10 ml

In stock

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In stock

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Product information

Luna Experience is a compound fungicide with systemic and contact action to fight diseases of apple and plum.

Treated plants: Apple, Plum.

Diseases and fungi: Mildew, Rusting, Apple scab, Polystigma rubrum

How to use it:

-Apple: is used at a dose of 0.75 l / ha in 1500 l of water for controlling flax (Podosphaera leucotricha) and raspberry (Venturia inaequalis).

Treatments take place from the pink button until the fruit baking stage - harvesting the fruit.
Up to 2 treatments per warning should be performed at a minimum of 7 days.
Break before harvest: 14 days.

-Plum: used at a dose of 0.50 l / ha in 1000 l of water to combat monilias (Monilinia laxa and Monilinia fructigena) and red plum leaf (Polystigma rubrum).

Make up to 3 treatments per season, first starting with the white button phase until the beginning of the fruit coloring.
The interval between treatments is 7-10 days.
Pre-harvest time: 7 days.


Crop  The pathogen  Dose  Break time until consumption
Apple  Podosphaera leucotricha, Venturia inaequalis    0,75 liters/ha 14 days
Plum  Monilinia laxa and Monilinia fructigena, Polystigma rubrum 0,50 liters/ha 7 days

Additional Information

Precautions No
Hazard statements No
Manufacturer Bayer
Packaging 10 ml
Destination use Population, Professionals, Trained personnel
Formulations SC-concentrated suspension
Active Substances Fluopyram, Tebuconazole
Active Substance Concentration 200 g/l
Crops Apple tree, Plum tree
Diseases Blossom blight, Powdery mildew, Tomato leaf mold, Venturia
Dosage 0.375-1 l/ha
Bio Crops No
Application Type Low pressure spray

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