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eu bayer fungicid folicur solo 250 ew 5 litri - 1, thumbnail

Folicur Solo 250 EW, 5 litres


In stock

Folicur Solo 250 EW, 5 litres

eu bayer fungicid folicur solo 250 ew 5 litri - 1

Folicur Solo 250 EW, 5 litres


In stock

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Product information

Folicur Solo 250 EW is a triazole systemic fungicide for controlling disease in grapevine, vines, apple and rape, containing the active substance: Tebuconazole 250 g / l.

Folicur Solo is a systemic herbal product. Shortly after treatment, the active substance tebuconazole penetrates the airways and is distributed acropetally within the tissues where it blocks the expansion of the fungus by inhibiting the ergosterol synthesis process. This mode of action enables the product to act preventively, curatively and in some situations even eradicating very effectively against pathogenic fungi. Folicur Solo has a broad spectrum of action doubled by a long-lasting effect on pathogens (10-14 days).

Mode of action:

Vine - Under the spraying program, Folicur Solo is used to combat mildew at a dose of 0.4 l / ha. It is recommended for 1-2 post-floral treatments, when the pressure of the disease is high. It can also be used for prefloreal treatments (especially treatment from the onset of blossoming), if the pressure of the disease is high and requires the use of a systemic product. When it is necessary to ensure simultaneous protection against mania, flaking and gray rot, Folicur Solo is used in combination with Verita, Mikal Flash, Teldor, Mythos, Euparen or other products specific to these diseases.

Stone fruits - Folicur Solo is known to be one of the most effective products to combat monilinia - brown rot,  in apricot, peach, plum, cherry, cherry. The required number of treatments is 2-4, depending on the infectious reserve and climatic conditions during the vegetation period. The first two treatments are done in the pink button phenophase and shake of the petals and aim to combat the species Monilinia laxa, which is mainly manifested on the flowers and flowers. The following two treatments are used to combat mainly Monilinia fructigena (but also the Monilinia axis) and aim to prevent and combat the attack on the fruit. The required concentration is 0.075% - 0.1%, for a volume of 1000 l / ha. Treatments are repeated over a 10-14 day interval.

Apple - Folicur Solois mainly used for combating both powdery mildew (Erysiphe graminis) and apple scab (Ventura iaequalis). The required concentration is 0.05% for a volume of 1500 l / ha. Treatments are performed pre- and post-floral on alert, depending on the biological cycle of the fungus. It is recommended that a biological compatibility test be carried out before applying the treatment on all surfaces, as phytotoxicity phenomena may occur in some varieties (eg Golden).

Rape - Folicur Solo is used at a dose of 1.0 l / ha for combating white rot, brown patch and flaking. Autumn treatments are needed when early seeding and climatic conditions favor lush plant growth. In such situations, Folicur Solo, applied in the 4-6 leaf phenophase, provides a very good protection of the plants against the attack of diseases (eg flaking), which affects their foliage. At the same time, Folicur Solo also acts as a growth regulator, limiting stem growth.

With this treatment Folicur Solo provides:

- Protecting culture against disease attacks
- Resistance to wintering and resistance to crop decline due to strain growth limitation.

The volume of the solution for autumn treatment is 300 l / ha. The treatments during the second part of the vegetation period aim at combating the gray mold, as well as the brown rot or mildew, and are carried out both in the fall autumn and in the spring rape during the blooming of the plants. The volume of the solution is 300-400 l / ha.

Treated plants: Vine, Stone fruits, Apple, Rape

Diseases and Combat Fungi: Powdery mildew, Gray mold, Brown rot, Venturia, Blackleg disease (Phoma lingam).

Dosage varies depending on the treated plant. 

Additional Information

Manufacturer Bayer
Packaging 5 litres
Destination use Amateur, Professional
Shelf life (years) No
Formulations EW-emulsion in water
Fungicides Active Tebuconazole
Active Substance Concentration 250 g/litre
Crops Plum tree, Apple tree, Apricot tree, Cherry tree, Peach tree, Rapeseed, Sour cherries, Vineyard
Diseases Mold, Powdery mildew, Tomato leaf mold, Venturia
Dosage No
Bio Crops Not suitable
Application Type Low pressure spray

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