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eu bayer fungicid flint plus 64 wg 6 kg - 1, thumbnail

Flint Plus 64 WG, 6 Kg


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Flint Plus 64 WG, 6 Kg

eu bayer fungicid flint plus 64 wg 6 kg - 1

Flint Plus 64 WG, 6 Kg

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In stock

Express Delivery in Europe

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Product information

Active substance: trifloxistrobin 4% + captan 60%


Flint Plus 64 WG is a complex fungicide with preventive action to combat a wide range of diseases at the mar. Flint Plus 64 WG is used in the control of raspberry (Venturia inequalis) and flax (Podosphaera leucotricha) in marrow at a concentration of 0,125% (1,875 kg / ha in 1500 l water per hectare). Applies preventively to max. 3 treatments during a season, in the range of the white button - the beginning of the coloring of the fruits, at a interval between treatments of 7-12 days depending on the pressure of the infection and the climatic conditions. Flint Plus will be alternated with other products from different chemical groups such as Clarinet. Break time before harvesting is 35 days.

Mode of action:

Flint Plus 64 WG is a broad-spectrum product for many pathogens due to the two active substances in its composition. Trifloxistrobin, the chemical group of strobilurins, has a preventive action and mesothemal activity in the treated organs. It is strongly absorbed by the waxy layer, thus being resistant to rain. It is redistributed to the foliar surface by evapotranspiration processes and inwardly due to translaminar activity, thus providing additional coverage on untreated boundary surfaces. The cycle of fungi development is interrupted in the early stages, by inhibiting spore germination, germinating tuber growth and apressure formation. Captan, a dicarboximide chemical group, is a multi-site preventive fungicide known as the fungicide with the best effect of preventing and controlling primary and secondary rape infections in fruit trees. The different way of action and the complementary effect of the two active substances make Flint Plus a particularly effective product for use in anti-resistance strategies.

Treated plants: Apple

Diseases and Combat Fungi: Powdery Mildew, Rust

Additional Information

Manufacturer Bayer
Packaging 6 kg
Destination use Amateur, Professional
Shelf life (years) No
Formulations WG-water dispersible granules
Fungicides Active Captan, Trifloxystrobin
Active Substance Concentration 600 g/kg, 40 g/kg
Crops Apple tree
Diseases Powdery mildew, Venturia
Dosage No
Bio Crops Not suitable
Application Type Low pressure spray

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