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eu bayer fungicid eclair 49 wg 700 g - 1, thumbnail

Eclair 49 WG, 700 g


Out of stock

Eclair 49 WG, 700 g

eu bayer fungicid eclair 49 wg 700 g - 1

Eclair 49 WG, 700 g


Out of stock

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Product information

The validity of the approval certificate expired on 19.12.2015

Active substance: trifloxistrobin 250 g / kg + cimoxanil 240 g / kg

Characteristics: Eclair 49 WG is a fungicide with mesostematic, local systemic and contact action, to combat mane and flake in grapevine. Trifloxistrobin belongs to the chemical group of strobilurins and is distinguished by its broad spectrum of activity and long-lasting action. Trifloxistrobin has mesostemic action, characterized by its very high affinity to the surface tissues of the plant where it is fixed to the waxy layer, which gives it a high resistance to washing; and redistribution and redeployment of the active substance through evapotranspiration processes. Redistribution of the active substance makes the treatment effect also manifest on untreated adjunct plants. The translaminar redistribution of part of the active substance ensures a very good preventive action and produces a green leaf effect, reflected in crop yields. Uniform and complete coverage of the aerial parts of the plants provides total protection against the installation of mushrooms. Both the early stages of pathogen development (spore germination, apressure formation) and late stages (hausers' formation, mycelial growth and sporulating, zoosporosis at hand) are affected. Cimoxanil acts by preventive contact on spore germination and mycelium growth, and by translaminarain the tissue of the plant also develops a curative and inhibit effect of spore.

Mode of action: Eclair 49 WG is approved for the control of worms and vineyards. In the spraying program, alternation with products with a different mode of action can be used. Treatments can be performed in the phenological range of Stadiulin, which third leaf is formed up to entry into the parga. The product is mainly positioned with 1-2 preventative treatments before flowering until the bunch is compacted. The interval between treatments is 10-12 days. When the infection pressure is very high and when the growth rate of the plants is also high, the interval to 7 days is reduced. The required volume of the solution is 800-1000 l / ha, depending on the spraying equipment used. No treatments are performed when the wind speed is high, during the daytime with burning or when the leaves are wet or the rain is imminent. In situations where the pathogen pressure is particularly high, an increased dose will be used or the interval between the treatments will be shortened. within a rational program to combat mana and flake, a number of 1-2 treatments with Eclair are recommended.

Treated Plants: Grapevine

Diseases and Combat Fungi: Powdert mildew.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Bayer
Packaging 100 g
Destination use Amateur, Professional
Shelf life (years) No
Formulations WG-water dispersible granules
Fungicides Active Cymoxanil, Trifloxystrobin
Active Substance Concentration 240 g/kg, 250 g/kg
Crops Vineyard
Diseases Peronosporales, Powdery mildew
Dosage No
Bio Crops Not suitable
Application Type Low pressure spray

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