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eu basf erbicid pyramin turbo 10 litri - 1, thumbnail

Pyramin Turbo, 10 liters


Out of stock

Pyramin Turbo, 10 liters

eu basf erbicid pyramin turbo 10 litri - 1

Pyramin Turbo, 10 liters


Out of stock

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Product information

Pyramin Turbo is a chloridazon-based herbicide from the pyridazinone group.

Active substance: 520 g / l chloridazone


Pyramin Turbo is a fine, homogeneous, mobile suspension with a tendency for time to deposit, but with a good return to a homogeneous beige system.

Mode of action:

Pyramin Turbo is a chloridazon-based herbicide from the pyridazinone group. Chloridazone penetrates mainly through the roots, but can also be absorbed through the leaves. Because the main action is achieved through soil, efficiency is ensured by the presence of soil moisture. Applied as a soil herbicide destroys germinating weeds, or at least immediately after sunrise.

Pyramin Turbo contains in its spectrum all species of dicotyledonous weeds found in beet cultures, such as Sinapis arvensis, Chenopodium album, Galeopsis tetrahit, Galinsoga parviflora, Matricaria chamomilla, Stellaria media, Anthemis arvensis, Lamium spp.

Treated plants: Sugar beet.

Application time: In post-emergence, early application, when weeds are small, in the cotyledon phase and up to 4 leaves. Better humidity improves efficacy.

Preparation of the solution:

Fill the tank of the herbicide machine by half, add the appropriate amount of product, and then fill with the rest of the water. Shake the spraying solution well during filling and application.

Application Technique:

Terrestrial equipment for field application of liquid herbicides commonly used in the crops mentioned above may be used. Use nozzles specific to herbicide application. The volume of solution used depends on the equipment used.

It is recommended to use 200-300 l / ha of herbicide solution.


Although Pyramin Turbo can be mixed directly into the tank with other herbicides or specific liquid fertilizers, it is advisable to perform a preliminary test with the expected mixture to observe the physical aspects of the mixture. For proper use, refer to the compatibility tables.

A maximum of 2.6 kg / ha of chloridazone should be applied every three years. The next spring can be any culture. In the autumn, wheat may be sown, barley, if an array has been executed before. In case of beet crop destruction, only beets or maize can be sown after a soil mobilization work.

Dosage: 2.5 l/ha for postemergent treatments.


Substanta activa: 520 g/l cloridazon

Caracteristici: Pyramin Turbo se prezinta sub forma de suspensie fina, omogena, mobila, cu tendinta de depunere în timp, dar cu o buna capacitate de revenire în sistem omogen, de culoare bej.

Mod de actiune: Pyramin Turbo este un erbicid pe baza de cloridazon, din grupa pyridazinone. Cloridazonul patrunde in plante in principal prin radacini, dar poate fi absorbit si prin frunze. Deoarece actiunea principala se realizeaza prin intermediul solului, eficienta este asigurata de prezenta umiditatii in sol. Aplicat ca erbicid de sol distruge buruienile in curs de germinare, sau cel tarziu imediat dupa rasarire.

Buruieni combatute:
Pyramin Turbo cuprinde in spectrul sau de actiune toate speciile de buruieni dicotiledonate intalnite in culturile de sfecla, cum ar fi Sinapis arvensis, Chenopodium album, Galeopsis tetrahit, Galinsoga parviflora, Matricaria chamomilla, Stellaria media, Anthemis arvensis, Lamium spp. si altele.

Plante tratate: Sfecla de zahar.

Momentul aplicarii: În postemergenta, aplicarea cat mai timpurie, cand buruienile sunt mici, in faza de cotiledoane si pana la maximum 4 frunze. O umiditate mai buna imbunatateste eficacitatea.

Pregatirea solutiei: Se umple rezervorul masinii de erbicidat pana la jumatate, se adauga cantitatea adecvata de produs, si apoi se completeaza cu restul de apa. Se va agita bine solutia de stropit in timpul umplerii si aplicarii.

Tehnica de aplicare: Se pot folosi echipamente terestre pentru aplicarea in camp a erbicidelor lichide, utilizate în mod obisnuit la culturile sus mentionate. Se vor utiliza duze specifice aplicarii erbicidelor. Volumul de solutie utilizat este in functie de echipamentul folosit.

Se recomanda utilizarea a 200-300 l/ha solutie de erbicidat.

Compatibilitate: Desi Pyramin Turbo poate fi amestecat direct în rezervor cu alte erbicide sau cu ingrasaminte lichide specifice, este recomandat sa se procedeze la un test preliminar cu amestecul preconizat, pentru a observa aspectele fizice ale amestecului. Pentru o folosire corecta, consultati tabelele de compatibilitati.

Se va aplica maximum 2,6 kg/ha cloridazon/o data la 3 ani. In primavara anului urmator se poate semana orice cultura. In toamna, se poate semana grau, orz, daca inainte s-a executat o aratura. In caz de distrugere a culturii de sfecla se poate insamana numai sfecla sau porumb dupa o lucrare de mobilizare a solului.


Additional Information

Manufacturer Basf
Packaging 10 litres
Destination use Amateur, Professional
Shelf life (years) No
Formulations SC-concentrated suspension
Herbicides Active Pyrazon (chloridazon)
Active Substance Concentration 520 g/liter
Against Chickweed, Common hemp-nettle, Corn chamomile, Henbit dead-nettle, Wild mustard
Crops Barley, Corn, Oat, Rye, Wheat
Dosage 2.5L/ha
Timing of application Postemergence
Types of weeds annual dicotyledonous
Application Type Low pressure spray

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