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eu basf herbicide callam 8 kg dash 20 l - 2, thumbnail

Callam 8 kg + adjuvant Dash 20 litres, package 20 HA

Out of stock

Callam 8 kg + adjuvant Dash 20 litres, package 20 HA

eu basf herbicide callam 8 kg dash 20 l - 2

Callam 8 kg + adjuvant Dash 20 litres, package 20 HA

Out of stock

Product information

Callam, 8 kg + adjuvant Dash, 20 litres, package 20 HA is a mix of products designed to protect corn crops + one adjuvant that increases its efficiency. Callam is a systemic herbicide in the form of fine, homogeneous, beige granules. It is used in treatments to control weeds in corn crops. Dash HC is an adjuvant specially designed to weaken the resistance of the leaves to the absorption of the herbicide and to increase its action.

- The first effects can be seen shortly after treatment
- Weeds will stop growing after 5 days of treatment

Action mode:
- Callam is based on 2 active substances: 60% Dicamba and 12.5% Tritosulfuron. Tritosulfuron has systemic action in the soil and completes the effect of foliar uptake. This substance is absorbed through the leaves and roots, then transported through the phloem to the growth points.
- Dicamba has a systemic and contact action. And this substance is taken up by leaves and roots, then it is translocated by phloem, respectively xylem.
- The first visible effects are the twisting of the leaves and can manifest very quickly, even a few hours after treatment.
- The cessation of the growth of the targeted weeds occurs after about 3-5 days from the application and thus the competition with the cultivated plants for nutrients ceases.
- Subsequently, the plants turn yellow, wither and disappear completely after 5 weeks from the application of the treatment.
- The effectiveness of the product depends on the climatic conditions.

DASH HC is an adjuvant adapted to improve the distribution and adhesion of the product to the cuticle and the wax layer of the leaves. By reducing the surface tension of the drops and facilitating the penetration of plant tissues, it improves the absorption and increases the capacity, speed and regularity of the herbicides with which it can be associated.
It also allows the modulation of use doses.

Methods of application:
- Callam is applied in post-emergence treatments. The best time to administer is when the crop plants have between 4-6 leaves (BBCH 14 - 16).
- Dicotyledonous weeds must be in the early stage of development. The annuals should have 2-4 leaves, and the perennials a maximum height of 10 cm.
- The recommended dosage is 0.3 - 0.4 kg / ha + 1 l / ha adjuvant, depending on the degree of infestation and the size of the weeds.

- DASH HC adjuvant together with BASF herbicides is intended especially for straw cereals, corn, sunflower, alfalfa, soybeans.
- It is recommended to use a dose of 0.5 l / ha mixed with herbicides for straw cereals and alfalfa, and 1 l / ha for the mixture with herbicides for other crops.

DASH HC adjuvant can be mixed in the tank with fungicides or liquid fertilizers but a preliminary test is required. For proper use, see the compatibility tables.

It is not recommended to apply Callam herbicide later than the phases already mentioned because in the periods of intense maize growth, it can cause the temporary appearance of the typical symptoms of hormonal herbicides.

Please be sure to read, understand, and follow the full Conditions, Disclaimer, and Directions for Use. Use the appropriate personal safety equipment if required and when needed.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Basf
Packaging 1 unit
Active Substances Dicamba, Triasulfuron
Against Barnyard grass, Common fumitory, Common purslane, Flower-of-an-hour, Goosegrass, Jimsonweed, Knotgrass, Shepherd's purse, Velvet leaf, Wild mustard
Crops Corn
Timing of application Postemergence
Types of weeds annual dicotyledonous, annual monocotyledonous
Application Type Low pressure spray

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