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Delan Pro, 5 litres


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Delan Pro, 5 litres

eu basf fungicid delan pro 5 litres - 1

Delan Pro, 5 litres


In stock

Express Delivery in Europe

starting at just €12

1-2 Days

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Product information

Delan Pro is a proactive fungicide that combines the action of two active substances, dithianon and potassium phosphonates, with different ways of action, to effectively control rape to apple and pear and vines.

The fungicide is active both on the surface and inside the leaves and fruits.

Mode of action:
Delan Pro combines the action of two active substances, Ditianon and a new active substance - Potassium Phosphonates, to effectively control apple and pear tree, and vineyard diseases.

Ditianone is a multi-site active substance with a high preventive activity that inhibits spore germination and prevents the occurrence of resistance. It is also a lipophilic, contacting substance that adheres evenly to the surface of the leaf and has a high resistance to washing.

The active substance Potassium Phosphonates acts systemically and has a dual mode of action that involves both toxic effects on fungi and stimulation of the plant defense system. It acts directly on the pathogen and activates the plant's natural defence mechanisms. It has a special mobility in the plant, which is quickly taken up and transported acropetally and basipetal, thus providing protection and new increases.

How it works:
Ditianone is taken over by the waxy layer of the leaves and forms a strong protective barrier.

Potassium phosphonates (561 g / l potassium phosphonates = 375 g / l phosphonic acid) are quickly taken up by the leaves and distributed inside the plant, acropetal and basipetal.

Ditianone and Phosphonic Acid have a fungicidal role, preventing spore development from the early stages before the infection. In addition, Phosphonic acid activates the natural defense mechanisms throughout the plant.

Delan Pro fungicide has demonstrated a high efficacy in combating raspberry, both on leaves and on fruit, evidence of the synergistic effect of the two active substances.

Delan Pro product activity on leaf surface:

  • Ditianone remains inside the waxy layer, but also on it, to form a strong protective barrier.
  • Ditianone and Phosphonic Acid have a fungicidal role, preventing spore development from the early stages before the infection.
  • Phosphonic acid interacts with Ditianone and stabilizes it, providing a long plant life.

Delan Pro product activity inside the leaf:

  • After Phosphonic Acid is taken up by the leaves, it is quickly distributed throughout the acropetal and basipetal plant.
  • Phosphonic acid activates the natural defence mechanisms throughout the plant.

Delan Pro Characteristics:

  • Modern liquid formulation for uniform plant coverage;
  • Outstanding performance, even in difficult climatic conditions;
  • Very good resistance to washing;
  • Solution for resistance management;
  • Good miscibility - can be used alone or mixed with other products.
  • Easy to use and measured
  • Favourable ecotoxicological profile due to water based formulation.
Advantages of the new Delan Pro fungicide:
  • Innovative Proactive Technology: Preventive action, improves plant resistance and activates plant defence mechanisms;
  • Protects new growths due to the particular systemic action of potassium phosphonates;
  • It is an effective solution for combating rape on apple and hay and honey on vine;
  • It has a long-lasting effect due to dithianon stability and pH adjustment;
  • Provides excellent leaf and fruit coverage due to small particles;
  • It does not influence the organoleptic properties of wine.

Way of usage:

The Delan Pro fungicide can be applied to plantations of fruit trees (apple and pear) and grapevine as follows:

Fruit trees (apple and pear) - 6 treatments per year can be carried out every 5-10 days between the treatments for raspberries, during the vegetation period between BBCH 53-81 and the budding stage: the green leaves that wrap the petal kernel that becomes visible until the beginning of the fruit baking: the appearance of the lighter nuance of the basic color of the varieties.

The vineyard - is applied pre-emptively and can be performed at most 4 treatments per year, within a 10-day interval between treatments, during the BBCH 53-83 vegetation period, respectively from the clearly visible inflorescence stage and until the beans develop specific color.


Pathogenic agent


Application moment

Number of treatments/year

Break time

Apple, Pear

Venturia spp.

2.5 litres/ha

BBCH 53-81


35 days


Plasmopara viticola

3-4 litres/ha

BBCH 53-83


42 days

It is recommended to use the volume of the solution between 500-1500 liters / ha for fruit trees and 200-1000 liters / ha for vineyard.

Delan Pro is a new solution to combat rape in vineyards and has proven efficacy, both on leaves and clusters.

The fungicide offers remarkable performance even in difficult climatic conditions: high precipitation, high humidity, low temperatures.

It has a good miscibility with other products and has a low risk of developing resistance.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Basf
Packaging 5 litres
Destination use Amateur, Professional
Shelf life (years) No
Formulations SC-concentrated suspension
Fungicides Active Dithianon
Active Substance Concentration 125 g/l
Crops Apple tree, Pear tree, Vineyard
Diseases Peronosporales, Venturia
Dosage No
Bio Crops Not suitable
Application Type Low pressure spray

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