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Park Garden Boom Grass, 10 kg


In stock

Park Garden Boom Grass, 10 kg

eu agro cs seed park garden boom 10 kg - 1

Park Garden Boom Grass, 10 kg

In stock

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In stock

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Product information

Garden Boom Park seeds are primarily designed for the park or garden ornamental lawns with a low degree of stress, where the emphasis is on the appearance of the lawn.

Garden Boom seed mixtures are made up of special grass varieties, which meet the highest quality requirements under the Garden Boom brand and are in accordance with RSM (Germany) and STRI (England).

Through the composition it ensures high quality, positively influencing the density of the grass with a low height 

Festuca Rubra commutata: 20%
-Festuca Rubra trichophylla: 20%
-Festuca Rubra rubra: 20%
-Poa pratensis: 10%
-Lolium perennial: 30%

At the base of this mixture is a combination of red patches that provide a high quality, uniform, dense and resistant turf.

Lolium perenne - English Raigras: facilitates the installation of the vegetal carpet and offers good resistance to ironing and detachment.

Poa pratensis - Firuta: It is characterized by slow sprouting (3-4 weeks), it has the cold tolerance in winter and offers the lawn a great look after mowing. In combination with Lolium perenne - the English Raigras provide a uniform lawn, durable lawns, resistant to stress caused by intense exploitation.

Festuca Rubra - Red Pea: it is suitable for ornamental lawns, has a high tolerance to the shade, and provides a fine and dense foliage.

-Ensures sustainable growth and rapid regeneration;
-Uniform and dense turf with excellent look after mowing;
-Greater disease tolerance.

-Demand resistance: medium
-The germination period: average
-Care Requirements: Environments - the lawn rests very quickly
-Mowing height: 2-5 cm
-Application rate: 25-30 g / m²
-Coverage area: 280-400 m²
-Packaging: 10 kg bag

Way of usage: 

1. Lawn can be sown throughout the growing season, taking into account the specifics of each season. After the proper sowing, it is very useful to use a roller to better print the grass seeds in the substrate.

Spring: this season is very suitable for the sowing of the lawn, due to enough natural rainfall that supports the growth and growth of the grass. A minor risk can be represented by high temperatures, which may occur over short periods. In these cases, it is important to provide additional irrigation to prevent germinating grass from drying out.

Summer: Seeding the turf this season is risky, so it is necessary that immediately after sowing ensure sufficient and regular irrigation throughout the germination and growing of the lawn. 

Autumn: It is the right time to create a lawn due to the increased intensity of precipitation and still relatively high temperatures. Small risk can be dry autumn when additional irrigation is needed. After the seeding we use a fertilizer with a higher percentage of nitrogen and phosphorus, thus supporting the rapid growth of the lawn, in order to be well prepared for the coming winter.

2. Prepare the surface. Use fertilizer to start turf grass.

3. Sow the lawn - the grass seeds must be distributed as evenly as possible. Apply 25-30 g / m² with the scraper or manually. To facilitate manual application, mix the lawn seeds with the same amount of fine and dry sand. To germinate, seeds need good soil contact. Therefore, the lawn must be squeezed. If you do not have a roll in hand, you can also use a snow bucket. 

4. Dilute regularly until the lawn rises. Seeds of lawn do not need to dry, otherwise, germination will be interrupted. In the case of a high-temperature period, it is recommended to water the lawn with a small amount of water in the morning and evening.

5. Add fertilizer, ventilate, and remove weeds according to the conditions of the lawn. The lawn needs nutrients to grow, ensuring the quality, regeneration, and growth of each season. The Garden Boom Fertilizer Series is part of the long-lasting fertilizer category, allowing more fertilizers depending on the requirements of the lawn. 

6. Cut and maintain the lawn - perform the first cutting when the lawn reaches a height of 6-8 cm. Subsequently, the surfaces can be cut regularly. 

The Garden Boom Park Lawn Seeds provide a high quality, uniform, dense and sturdy lawn with excellent mowing.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Agro CS
Packaging 10 kg
Destination use Population, Professionals
Crops Grass
Shelf life (years) No

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