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eu adama seed treatment seedoprid 600 fs 1 l - 0, thumbnail

Seedoprid 600 FS, 1 litre

Out of stock

Seedoprid 600 FS, 1 litre

eu adama seed treatment seedoprid 600 fs 1 l - 0

Seedoprid 600 FS, 1 litre

Out of stock

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Product information

The approval certificate is withdrawn on 19.09.2018 according to the provisions of the Implementing Regulation (EU) no. 783/2018, of the Commission, regarding the conditions of approval of the active substance imidacloprid. The grace period granted expires on 19.12.2018.

Seedoprid 600 FS is an imidacloprid-based insecticide, approved for seed treatment.

Treated plants: Barley, Sugar beet, Corn, Rapeseed, Sunflower, Wheat

Mode of action: 

Seedoprid 600 FS is a systemic insecticide for the treatment of long-acting seeds in plants. The active substance imidacloprid causes irreversible disturbance of vital functions in the target insect's body by interrupting the activity of the nervous system. The product penetrates the young seedlings formed after the germination of the treated seeds and translocates to the growing tips, acting by contact and especially by ingestion on pests that feed on sap or their green organs. Around the treated seeds, the product forms in the soil a concentric zone impregnated with vapors of active substance that protects the seed from the attack of pests.

Seedoprid 600 FS provides safe and long-lasting protection for seed crops from treated seeds against attacks by new waves of pests or those that attack plants for a longer period of sowing (eg Zabrus tenebrioides). Also, due to the control of sucker pests known as vectors, the treatment of seeds with Seedoprid 600 FS prevents the attack of very harmful viruses, especially in cereals.

It is recommended to treat the seeds of high biological and cultural value, especially in the areas with a frequent attack of the targeted pests (depending on which the doses of product used will be established).

How to use: 

Special well-adjusted treatment machines will be used for the treatment, which will ensure the correct dosage of the product and uniform coverage of the seeds. Treatment with Seedoprid 600 FS can be done with or without the addition of water (a maximum amount of water of 1/4 of the amount of product used can be added). Only the seeds that will be sown on that day will be treated, avoiding stocks of treated seed, which are not recommended to be kept from one year to the next.


Crop  The pathogen  Dose 
Corn  Agriotes lineatus 6 l/ton
Western corn rootworm 10 l/ton
Maize Leaf Weevil 8 l/ton
Sunflower  Agriotes lineatus, Maize Leaf Weevil 10 l/ton
Wheat Aphids 0.6 l/ton
Agriotes lineatus 0.7 l/tona
Ground Beetle 1 l/ton
Barley Aphids 0.6 l/ton
Agriotes lineatus 0.7 l/ton
Ground Beetle 1 l/ton
Autumn rapeseed Fleas  6 l/ton
Sugar beet Beetroot weevil 90 gr/100 000 seeds

Additional Information

Hazard statements No
Precautions No
Manufacturer Adama
Packaging 1 litre
Destination use Population, Professionals, Trained personnel
Active Substances Imidacloprid
Active Substance Concentration 600 g/litru
Crops Barley, Beet sugar, Corn, Hordeum distichon, Rapeseed, Sunflower, Wheat
Formulations FS-concentrated seed treatment suspension

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