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eu adama herbicide agil 100 ec 5 l - 3, thumbnail

Agil 100 EC, 5 litres


In stock

Agil 100 EC, 5 litres

eu adama herbicide agil 100 ec 5 l - 3

Agil 100 EC, 5 litres


In stock

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Product information

Active substance: 100 g / l Propaquizafop

Formulation: Concentrated Emulsion


Agil 100 EC is a herbicide with systemic action against all grasses and selective weeds for dicotyledonous crops.
The active substance is very quickly absorbed by the leaves of the weeds (in about 1 hour) and translocates to all intense growth points, including roots and rhizomes. Here, by inhibiting some enzymes and fatty acids from the meristematic cells, Agil 100 EC destroys the vital functions of the cells and causes the weeds to die.
Thus, only 1-2 days after application, the treated weeds cease growing, the younger leaves still getting a yellowish color.
At 10-12 days after application, the entire plant is dried, the perennial grass rhizomes get a brown shade starting at the top and finally rotting.
The herbicidal action of the product is faster when the weeds are in a younger phase and the vegetation conditions are optimal for growth (sufficient moisture, heat, light).

Agil 100 EC herbicide achieves excellent control of the problem of weeds (perennial grasses) and especially of the pirine species and the costrue.


Treatment with Agil 100 EC will be done as follows:

Annual grasses (except Poa annua), when in the stage of 1-2 leaves, apply 0.5 l / ha of Agil 100 EC. in more advanced phases of growth, the Agil 100 EC dose is increased to 1 l / ha (until the beginning of the impact) or even 1.2 l / ha if the grass weeds are towards the end of the impactor. Poa annua is fought at a dose of 1 - 2 l / ha in the very young stage (1-3 leaves).

Perennial grasses depending on the species, fight as follows:

- Sorghum halepense: when reaching the height of 30-40 cm, using 1 - 1.5 l / ha;

- Elymus repens: when it is 15-25 cm, using 1 - 2 l / ha;

- Cynodon dactylon: when it is 15-20 cm, using 1 - 2 l / ha.

In all cases, lower doses apply to lower infestations and under optimal application conditions, and higher doses are used for strong infestations and more difficult application conditions.

Product classification: Xi (irritant), N (dangerous for the environment).

Additional Information

Manufacturer Adama
Packaging 5 litres
Destination use Population, Professionals, Trained personnel
Shelf life (years) N/A
Formulations EC-Emulsifiable concentrate
Herbicides Active Propaquizafop
Active Substance Concentration 100 g/liter
Against Barnyard grass, Couch grass, Johnson grass, Yellow foxtail
Crops Rapeseed
Dosage No
Timing of application Postemergence
Types of weeds annual monocotyledonous, perennial monocotyledonous
Application Type Low pressure spray

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