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au sherwood chemicals bait station termatrix timber - 1, thumbnail

Bait station Termatrix Timber, set of 2


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Termatrix Timber, set of 2

au sherwood chemicals bait station termatrix timber - 1

Bait station Termatrix Timber, set of 2

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In stock

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Product information

Termatrix Termite Bait is an insect development inhibitor type insecticide for use as part of a termite interception and baiting system, an integrated system for the management of subterranean termite infestations (except Mastitermes darwiniensis).

Mode of action:

TermatriX contains a chitin inhibitor (Chlorfluazuron) which means when termites consume TermatriX they are unable to form a normal cuticle because the ability to synthesis chitin is lost. In the absence of chitin, the cuticle becomes thin and brittle and termitess are unable to retain moisture and die. 

When a termite that has consumed TermatriX moults, the effects are immediate; they either die or are incapacitated by their inability to complete the moulting process and then die; with workers becoming sluggish, disorientated and exhibiting abnormal behaviour; they then stop feeding on timber and stop nest building activities. They take on a chalky white appearance before death. 

As worker termites die, the termite caste which is fed by the workers is unable to survive and the colony colapses.

How to use:
-Do not use water that has been chlorinated or contaminated in any way.
-Stir until paste of uniform consistency is achieved.
-Add bait as necessary to approved bait stations or directly into termite workings.
-Replenish as required.
-When handling the bait matrix wear disposable latex rubber gloves to ensure odours or contaminants that may deter termite feeding are not transferred to the bait matrix. 

Note: 300 mL of bait matrix equals 100 g 

Rate: Mix 100 g of bait matrix with 300-400 mL of clean water. Up to 100 mL additional water may be added if conditions are hot and dry. 

Please be sure to read, understand and follow the full Conditions, Disclaimer and Directions for Use. Use the appropriate personal safety equipment when needed.

Dimensions: 305 mm (W) x 105 mm (H)

Additional Information

Manufacturer Sherwood Chemicals
Packaging set of 2
Formulations Wood
Get rid of Termites
Color Brown
Usage Area Outdoor

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