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Thank you for choosing Nexles!

We are constantly evaluating the quality of our products and services, the prices we have, and the communication offered by our specialists. We want to offer you the best experience!

Our website has all the necessary information and helps you choose the most suitable option for your pest control needs. Your opinion has guided and helped us get here. We will always analyze the feedback you provide so that we can continue on the same path.

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Excellent (Ratings)
Description and Information
Site Functionality
Products - Quality and Efficiency
Courier Company
RUND Z. 23/11/2023
The product price is good, but the shipping cost is a bit expensive. Additionally, the website should provide some express delivery options for customers to choose from. Thanks;
Chris L. 14/08/2023
Great product, good results, excellent service and very fast delivery.;
steve m. 23/05/2023
not being tec savvy would be nice to talk to a person and have a cost of delivery before check out other than that all good;
Gary C. 28/04/2023
Was not informed of goods arrival onsite by courier so didn't know it had been delivered for a few days;
Robert T. 22/02/2023
Product was delivered quickly and the courier called to let me know it was delivered. The product was spot on for the job.;
Matthew G. 04/01/2023
Easy to navigate ;
John S. 30/12/2022
Biforce 100 SC is a fine product, however for termites we still long for the days of Dieldrin, Aldrin, Heptachlor etc. Nexuses online service exceptional.;
Andrew L. 10/10/2022
All good thanks.
Chris L. 11/07/2022
Great products, excellent value for money, quick delivery time and good people to deal with. What more could expect from a company.;
Hilton B. 18/06/2022
Was not provided a tracking number for the product after a couple of emails back and forth I was first advised to wait until the next week for delivery, when the product still hadn't turned up I sent another email and was then advised that there had been a mix up with my address and the courier had taken the item to Sydney, when I live in QLD. The item finally arrived almost 4 weeks after I purchased it;
Ashley G. 09/06/2022
Check out was easy, product arrived in 3 days ✓✓✓, i will be buying again.;
Golden A. 27/04/2022
Your company found through Google search for supplier of Ronstar granules;
steve m. 08/03/2022
put plus shipping and cost before having it doped on you at payment would be good thanks ;
Gunawan T. 24/02/2022
Been using this product for our home for the last 4 years and the results just fantastic. Delivery was quick. Even during pandemic. ;
Neale C. 19/02/2022
Very efficient service.;
Lester C. 05/11/2021
happy with site easy to use;
John H. 26/07/2021
Very glad that you had the item in stock.;
Russell H. 30/06/2021
Good fast delivery, but didn't come with a tax invoice. It took two emails to receive the correct tax invoice. I think the tax invoice should be sent to you when you pay for the item, or attached to the item itself.;
Meryl T. 27/05/2021
Please ask me for feedback when I receive the product. Thanks.;
Eadie W. 07/05/2021
Communication was N/A;
Vanessa E. 03/05/2021
Brought previously, products were good and reasonably priced, maybe just work on keeping customers updated with delays, but otherwise happy to continue dealing with you :);
Olga P. 28/04/2021
It was easy ordering. Competitive prices. Awaiting for delivery and product works ;
sue B. 25/04/2021
It is the first time I have used the products and they seem to have worked quite well, better than I thought, I have some left but will put the rest down.;
Clare V. 03/04/2021
We live in a remote area where supplies are often difficult to get, therefore we do a lot of our shopping on line. The easy to use Nexles helps.;
Mark H. 24/02/2021
Australia post option for rural customers without a courier service would have saved me a 160km drive to collect parcel. The tracking down and follow up of my goods along with the customer service was excellent thank you;
Alan H. 07/02/2021
It will never be a one off solution. But alternated with other products, we are maintaining control. Will always be on going problem.;
Zoran S. 05/01/2021
Easy to use and quick ;
Nhan D. 03/01/2021
Delivery and product are great;
Joel M. 09/11/2020
Always hassle free;
Joel M. 26/10/2020
I am very happy with the service, communication, product range and delivery time from Nexles. The website and order process is simple and easy to use.;
Joel M. 20/10/2020
An easy to use online ordering platform, notification and postage of my last order was prompt and I had no problems. Thankyou NEXLES.;
Alan H. 13/10/2020
Rat problem is on-going. Have had some impact - never be perfect;
Barbara H. 04/10/2020
Star rating for the delivery person. We live on a rural property with an electric gate. Unfortunately we were not at home and the delivery person used common sense (woefully lacking these days) and simply places the parcel over the gate. Totally safe as no one could get in plus the fact that great that our 2 very large vocal dogs did not deter them. Definitely 4 star delivery especially combined with an earlier than expected delivery. Well done. ;
Kevin G. 23/09/2020
The product takes about 3 weeks to work, so it’s too early to comment ;
Graham W. 13/06/2020
Great product great service;
Ian C. 05/06/2020
Hi guys... This product worked very quickly and efficiently in controlling enormous amounts of ants undermining my large paved area as well as my 150 mtr bitumen driveway. Very easy application with something that finally works.I only wish i had discovered this product a couple of years ago. Product received quickly with courier despite small damage to container without loss of product. Thank you....Cheers Ian. ;
Dale S. 09/05/2020
On my Google search your company icon said "Free Delivery". When purchasing the product I was asked to pay $5.50 for delivery. Not a big deal but NOT professional.;
Keith D. 03/04/2020
All good. Fast & efficient service from supplier & courier. Highly recommended mail order service.;
Rex F. 15/03/2020
Delivered to the wrong address;
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