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au amgrow herbicide double time 1 l - 2, thumbnail

Double Time, 1 litre


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Double Time, 1 litre

au amgrow herbicide double time 1 l - 2

Double Time, 1 litre

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In stock

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Product information

Double Time broad spectrum selective herbicide offers reliable control of Clovers and a wide range of broadleaf weeds in most lawn situations. Double Time is quick acting – normally works in 7 to 14 days. Lower Schedule then many equivalent herbicides.

How it works:
MCPA and Dicamba mimic natural growth hormones, and upset the natural hormone balance in weedy species. Growth hormones regulate cell elongation, protein synthesis, and cell division. Upsetting the normal hormone balance causes unregulated plant growth.
The unregulated growth causes symptoms on susceptible plants that include growth and reproduction abnormalities (especially on new growth). Broadleaf species exhibit stem and petiole twisting (epinasty), leaf malformations, parallel venation, crinkling, leaf strapping, stem callus formation, and stunted root growth.
Most active on growing plants. Plant death is gradual, due to unconstrained mobilization of reserves, however generally symptoms are observed within 7- 14 days following application.

How to apply:
For optimum results it is best to apply to actively growing weeds. Ideally, do not mow the turf for 2 days prior to and following the application. Fertilisation should be avoided following application for a period of 2 weeks.

Double Time Herbicide is applied at a rate of 6.5L/ha 65mL/100m2 in 2 to 5 ltrs of water

Not Suitable for Buffalo Lawn varieties.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Amgrow
Packaging 1 litre
Formulations EW-emulsion in water
Active Substances Dicamba, MCPA
Active Substance Concentration 80 g/l; 340 g/l
Against Black bindweed, Capeweed, Charlock, Chickweed, Clover, Common ice-plant, Cudweed, Dandelion, Docks, Doublegee, Fat hen, Ragwort, Shepherd's purse, Slender thistles, Tares, Three cornered jack, Tree hogweed, Turnip weed, Wild oat, Wild radish, Wireweed
Crops Barley, Grass, Non-cultivated areas, Oat, Pastures, Triticale, Turf, Wheat
Dosage 65 ml/ 2.5-4 l water/100m2
Timing of application Postemergence
Application Type Low pressure spray

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