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Bait station Sentricon Always Active RTI, set of 28


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Sentricon Always Active RTI, set of 28

au globe australia bait station sentricon always active - 1

Bait station Sentricon Always Active RTI, set of 28

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Product information

The In Ground stations are installed to monitor termite activity in the area and then bait the active termites with the In Ground Termite bait.

In a nutshell, the Sentricon Always Active system is a series of stations placed strategically around a building. Each station contains a specially developed termite attractant / termiticide that does two things – 1) provides an effective termite barrier to that building and 2) gives the security of a continuous termite monitoring system.

How it works:
-The termiticide used in the stations contain a rod made of a specially developed formula called hexaflumuron that is a chitin inhibitor designed to prevent a termite from moulting and producing an exoskeleton. If termites cannot go through this moulting process, they die.
-Also, termites exhibit a trait common of social insects and that is one of trophallaxis which is the mouth to mouth or mouth to anus transfer of fluids and foodstuffs and by this process, the termiticide is passed continually throughout the termite colony leading ultimately to the elimination of that colony.

How are stations poisoned:
-The Sentricon Always Active stations are made from an extremely durable plastic that has a removable monitoring portal.
-The stations are buried at pre-determined intervals around a building and provide an immediate “ring of security” against termites in the proximity of that construction.

When do the stations get checked:
The Sentricon Always Active system is unique in that it is a professionally managed termite monitoring and termite barrier system that is maintained continually by trained technicians from Perth Pest Control. When installing a system we will carefully record the location of each station and set up a monitoring schedule. Ideally we will return every 3 – 6 months but this may alter should we discover termite activity. When our technician does an inspection, they will check each station for termite activity and replace bait rods as required.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Globe Australia
Packaging set of 28
Formulations Plastic
Get rid of Termites
Color Green
Usage Area Outdoor

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