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Bait station Sentricon AG Termite Box


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Sentricon AG Termite Box

au globe australia bait station sentricon ag termite box - 2

Bait station Sentricon AG Termite Box

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Product information

The Sentricon® which consist of both the above ground (AG) and in-ground (IG) baits are used against structurally damaging subterranean termites such as Coptotermes spp. It offers a complete elimination of existing termite colonies and protection with continuous monitoring against invading colonies. The Sentricon® may be installed in both food and non-food handling establishments.

It is a component of the system that aims to eliminate existing termite infestation directly on the active infestation sites. This AG bait can be installed at various points of interior or exterior surfaces of infested structures (crawl spaces, fences, utility poles, landscape decorations, trees etc.). The AG bait station will be inspected biweekly and added with new bait as needed until the feeding ceases and termite activity is no longer active.

-Scientifically proven, commercially tested to eliminate the entire termite colony.
-Clean and easy to use.
-No drilling or trenching.
-More than 1 million structures protected globally.
-The only baiting system awarded the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award 2000.
-The most studied termite baiting system with more than 70 independent publications to date.
-The 1st termite baiting system introduced in Malaysia.
-Class IV Chemical.

How it works:
-The Sentricon® with IG and AG baits (Active Ingredient: Hexaflumuron 0.5% w/w) can be installed at actively infested structures and monitor those with high potential of termite attack.
-Structures are inspected and monitored for active signs of infestation, when found will be baited.
-Termite will feed on the cellulose loaded with the active ingredient.
-As termite feeds on the bait, the active ingredient will be transferred and distributed to the members in the colony through the trophallaxis process.
-Infected termite will be prevented from successful molting as the Hexaflumuron inhibits formation of chitin needed in the molting process.
-This disruption of development ultimately results in the death of termite workers and immature termites causing the functioning of the colony to collapse to the point where the colony can no longer sustain itself and is eliminated.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Globe Australia
Packaging 1 piece
Formulations Plastic
Get rid of Termites
Color White
Usage Area Outdoor

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