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au bird b gone inc repellent bird spider 8 - 1, thumbnail

Bird Spider, 8'


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Bird Spider, 8'

au bird b gone inc repellent bird spider 8 - 1

Bird Spider, 8'

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In stock

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Product information

Bird Spider is used to scare all kinds of birds from protected areas. The arms of this product is jumping and move in the wind, creating a visual effect witch prevents birds from approaching. This product comes in different sizes with optional mounted bases for easy installation.

The Bird Spider is a humane, physical bird deterrent used to prevent large birds from landing in concentrated locations. Spiders come pre-assembled for ease of use, quickly deterring pest birds. The patented Bird Spider design is high wind tested making it the ideal gull deterrent for harsh weather conditions. Being a ‘stand alone’ physical deterrent, it repels all birds from areas such as rooftops, boats, jetties, signs, streetlights, lamp-posts, and AC units, amongst others. The Bird Spider’s arms create an immediate ‘no go’ zone for all pests, whilst the bounce and sway of the arms with the wind and the 360˚ spin creates the illusion of danger or a threat to the wider area.

The no-tangle wire arms of the Bird Spider bounce, sway and swivel in the wind. This movement creates both a visual and physical distraction zone, repelling birds from the area of coverage. Constructed from stainless steel arms and UV-stabilized polycarbonate plastic bases, Bird Spider units will continue to protect your property in harsh weather conditions.

When choosing a Bird Spider size consider protecting the entire surface of the problematic area to eliminate any potential perching zones. The 2-ft Spiders are perfect for areas where space is limiting such as light fixtures. The 4-ft and 6-ft Spiders units are the two most popular sizes, commonly used in residential and commercial applications and marine areas. The 8-ft Spider is the largest diameter available, popularized in the boating community.


Choose the size of Bird Spider that best fits the area being treated. Once the selected base is in place, place the top onto the centre pin and lightly push down. The new pull/pop-off feature allows for the removal of the top when required or in high winds. The Bird Spider can be glued or screwed down to most surfaces. It can also be installed using a railing mount, a sandbag base or a boat base.

- No assembly required – Easy to install, easy to store.
- Variety of mounting options available!
- New Pull/Pop Mechanism ensures the unit will not blow away in high winds!
- Humane, will not harm birds!
- Virtually invisible and maintenance-free.
- Ideal for a variety of applications including shopping centres, parking lot lights, signs, electrical equipment, rooftops, boats and more!
- No-tangle “Scuff Free” tips protect surfaces and help arms bounce and move with the breeze.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Bird B Gone
Packaging 1 piece
Formulations Plastic
Get rid of Birds
Type of effect Optic
Usage Area Indoor, Outdoor

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