Whitetop – Cardaria draba

Cardaria draba

Cardaria draba

Cardaria draba (whitetop) is a perennial weed, with a pivoting root that is very branched on the superior side. It prefers skeletal, clayey soils, that are rich in calcium and located on areas with moderate climate.

Common names: whitetop, hoary cress, or Thanet cress.


The stem is vertical, with branches on the superior side. It is edgy and it has grey hairs. The stem can grow up to 50-cm high.

Cardaria draba - plant

The cotyledons are oval and with straight margins and rounded tips.

Cardaria draba - cotyledon

The real leaves are elongated, elliptical to lanceolate. The leaves are not shiny and the limb suddenly stops on the petiole. The first 3-4 leaves are straight and hairless and the following are lacy to serrated and with short hairs. Before blossoming, the leaves turn yellow.

The flower is small, white and it has a pleasant scent. The flower is grouped in cymes. The petals of the flowers are two times larger than the sepals, that are green to yellow.

Cardaria draba - flower

The blossoming period is late spring and it can extend until summer. The plant produces around 1200 to 5000 seeds.

Cardaria draba - flower 1

How to fight this pest plant

The herbicides that are recommended when fighting the whitetop are: Dicopur Top, Esteron Extra, Galigan, Goal 4F, Merlin Duo.

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