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logo volpi originaleDavide & Luigi Volpi Spa has been established in 1879, producing manual knapsacks. They have since developed and started manufacturing equipment for gardening, nurseries, horticulture, and other industrial use. Their products are user-friendly, reliable, durable, and also have an aesthetic value. The main products that are now manufactured and sold by them are compression sprayers, manual and electric dusters, micronizers, powder bellows, and electronic knapsack sprayers.

The steady development of the company can be seen, as they have constantly innovated and improved their products, taking care of all the aspects involved. From production to testing, every action takes place inside the company and the production cycle is meticulously checked to be sure it is in conformity to the standard procedures established and guaranteed through the Quality Certification ISO 9001:2000. This thorough process and their continuously improved technology offer them the chance of remaining a market leader by assuring quality services and products for their customers.

Volpi lines and their use

They have several lines which offer products based on the needs of the customers.

The Volpi Professional Line is the best known and is distinguished by the brand VOLPI ORIGINALE. It is the most complete line as it includes a wide range of products, both manual and electric. They are suitable for the most demanding consumer and for anyone who needs a professional product for frequent use and that is also reliable in time.

The Home & Hobby GREEN FOX Line, which is characterized by the four-leaf clover, stands as a representation for another line of products similar to the Volpi Originale one. These products can be used for many different applications based on certain needs.

The VolpiTech Industrial Line is characterized by a special range of products developed in white color, with special FPM gaskets, which are particularly suitable for chemical solutions. The sprayers and products in this line are used in construction, in the field, for pest control, and for cleaning or industrial applications of different types.

Volpi has managed to develop a wide range of products that are able to satisfy the needs of their customers and provide the perfect solution for any type of request.

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