Our visit at FAOPMA – Pest Summit 2017, Thailand

FAOPMA Pest Summit 2017

The Federation of Asian and Oceania Pest Managers Associations is a non-profit organisation meant to promote and develop the industry of professional pest management throughout the regions they can be found in. The best way to promote such an industry is through a gathering of the best brands in the industry, as a way for them to share their newest products, methods and also exchange knowledge, information and experience regarding specific issues that might appear in their region.
Thus, the most important event of the year hosted by them has been the FAOPMA-Pest Summit 2017, taking place in Chiang Mai, Thailand, on 22-24 November 2017.
With more than 60 exhibition booths for the participants in this expo, today’s leading services and technologies have been displayed during these three days. Covering aspects meant for the owners and staff of pest management businesses, for providers of chemical substances and equipment as well, but also for the food-processing industry personnel, the 2017 FAOPMA-Pest Summit strives to help manufacturers, suppliers, industry consultants and individuals as well.

Key note lectures, trainings and certification programs also took place over these three days at the Pest Summit. The main talks covered aspects such as the importance of pest management, and especially of the integrated pest management (IPM) against dengue and Zika vectors in Thailand. Intelligent solutions for a sustainable rodent management were also discussed, as well as how to deal with large infestations.

FAOPMA Pest Summit 2017

Below you will be able to find a few details about some of the exhibitors from the summit, and pictures of their booth and products presented.


Syngenta is a Swiss biotechnology company, focused on producing pesticides, seeds and flowers. It has five product lines for pesticides, more exactly herbicides, non-selective herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and seed care, and also three product lines which focus on the development of corn, soya and other field crops vegetables. They focus not only on farm pest control, but also on residential and commercial one, developing a broad portfolio of products that match any need, in any situation.

Syngenta FAOPMA 2017

PelGar International

PelGar International is a company meant to develop and supply innovative products to the pesticide market. They focus on rodenticide and insecticide products, using active substances that are available in a wide range of formulations, managing thus to provide cost effective control methods. Their products aim to maximise the efficacy against the targeted pest, whilst using methods in which to minimise any risk again the environment, non-targeted species, and most importantly, any risk to the user.

PelGar International FAOPMA 2017


BASF is a German chemical company with subsidiaries in over 80 countries in the world. It currently produces a wide range of chemicals such as solvents, amines, resins, glues or electronic-grade chemicals, but they also place great emphasis on production of fertilisers and pesticides. This latter division produces fungicides, herbicides and insecticides. Investing in research and development of new products each year, BASF Urban and Rural Pest Control delivers smart solutions for pest management professionals.



Birchmeier is a Swiss manufacturer of sprayers, foamers, compression sprayers, wheelbarrow sprayers and hand sprayers which can be used in the garden or in any other aspect of the agricultural industry. They offer a wide variety of products, with an international distributor network, not only for their products, nut for their accessories as well. Designed to be durable, their sprayers are known for their high quality, which is based on their ongoing process monitoring, their level of flexibility, as well as constant improvements in quality and their products in general.

Birchmeier FAOPMA 2017


MouseStop is a company part of the pest control industry since 1990. It is best known for its sealing paste against rodents and other pests. The barrier they have developed through this paste works as an immediate block for the rodents, and can be used across a diverse market of sectors. As it does not contain any pesticides or biocides, but is manufactured from natural ingredients, the MouseStops products can safely be used in hygiene sensitive areas such as food manufacturing and preparation facilities.

MouseStop FAOPMA 2017

Mesto Sprayers

Mesto Sprayers has been around for 90 years, period in which they have managed to constantly develop and innovate in their industry. The variety of their products can be seen as a way in which Mesto wants to assist their consumers, no matter their need. Whether we speak about a pressure sprayer meant for your garden, a compression sprayer or a pressurised water tank, Mesto has constantly developed and improved a variety of products, to suit the need of their customers.

Mesto Sprayers FAOPMA 2017 Mesto Sprayers 2 FAOPMA 2017


Known as a leading manufacturer of eco-friendly flying insect control, air sterilization products and biting pest management, Brandenburg is a company with a history of over 65 years. They have developed and are active in 125 countries all over the world, and are continuously expanding. Through their innovative technologies, Brandenburg’s products have a high efficacy, and put them on the industry market as main manufacturers of sustainable pest management and hygiene products.

Brandenburg 2 FAOPMA 2017


Tifone is a company established in 1955, as the first manufacturer of advanced advanced air-sprinkler equipment for orchards and plant cultures, which at that time, was made with hand lances and long hoses placed hundreds of feet on the ground and in the mud. As innovators, Tifone has then developed in 1965 the ‘Citizen line’, a family or sprayers based on a new concept of multi-orientable spray-cannons, that has helped since with pest control and environment protection. They have become market leaders in Europe, and especially in Italy, when it comes to manufacturing pest control equipment.

Tifone FAOPMA 2017 Tifone 2 FAOPMA 2017


Founded in 1994, Ensystex has changed the landscape of the pest control industry. Striving throughout the years to develop and market only high-quality products for the industry, they have created EXTERRA and Thor, two lines of products meant to help their clients in dealing with the most unwanted pests. They both focus on fighting termites and the preventing the big problems that such an infestation could cause.

Ensystex FAOPMA 2017

Sherwood Chemicals

Sherwood Chemicals is a company with a long history in manufacturing and supplying household chemical products in Asia. They have developed many well-known brands, such as Chaindrite, Chaingard, Stedfast, Vapona, Biforce. They have also expanded towards Australia, having a lot of their products commercialised there as well. They deal not only with household chemical products, cleaning products and wood preservatives, but they are involved in public health and the industry of pest control as well, having developed products meant for fighting termite infestation.

Sherwood Chemicals FAOPMA 2017

Sherwood Chemicals 2 FAOPMA 2017

Duong Industrial Co. Ltd.

They are a professional factory of mouse glue traps, founded in 1990, in Taiwan. They strive to bring their brand to other regions of the globe as well, as they are already quite famous in their local market. Producing not only mouse glue traps, but other pest control products as well, such as roach glue traps, and paper fly traps, all based on a strict quality control policy, has made Duong Industrial the leaders of the mouse glue trap market in their region. With a full automatic production system and a continuously increasing production amount, they have also managed to obtain the World Quality Accreditation of ISO 9001:2000, putting their products into the quality threshold at a world-wide level.

Duong Industrial FAOPMA 2017

Airofog Machinery Co. Ltd

They are manufacturers of a wide range of professional application equipment, for the pest industry and the public health one. Having over 30 years’ experience in this industry, they have developed high quality products, which are distributed worldwide, to Europe, Asia and America. From compression sprayers, thermal and UVL foggers, to gel applicators and puff dusters, their products are manufactured with the highest standards in mind.

Airofog Machinery FAOPMA 2017 Airofog Machinery 2 FAOPMA 2017

Expert Pest System

Dealing with equipment distribution and chemical products for pest control, Expert Pest System deals with ants, cockroaches, termites and mosquitoes, rats and other pests. Their most common customers are factories, hotels, farms, but also government agencies and institutions. Their main products are mouse traps, insect light traps, ULV foggers, and sprayers.

Expert Pest System FAOPMA 2017

TAE IL Company

It is a company founded in 2007, dealing in the pest control industry. They manufacture and distribute products meant for pest control, in close cooperation with their clients and partners from South Korea or abroad. From insect gel baits, to bird repellents and aerosol traps, they cover multiple needs of their clients, always bringing something new and innovative to the industry.

TAE IL company FAOPMA 2017

Starkeys Products

Founded in 1969, Starkeys Products has since been constantly evolving and developing new products, thus innovating the pest control industry. They are the only manufacturer of high-quality eco-friendly insect control products in Australia, and their products are being distributed in over 32 countries worldwide. Their products can be used from a simple household, to resorts and hotels, franchised food outlets, hospitals, government and public parks and international airports. In their diverse product catalogue, you can find mice and rat glue traps, cockroach glue boards, mould control units, electric insect zappers, or indoor ones.

Starkeys Products FAOPMA 2017

Tsing Hua Environmental Protection Co., Ltd

Tsing Hua Environmental Protection Co., Ltd is a Chinese company specialised in manufacturing a wide range of pest control products. Their portfolio includes rat and mouse glue traps, roach glue traps, bug and fly ribbon glue traps, catchall electric mosquito mats and liquid fumigators, electric bug-killers and snap traps.

Tsing Hua Environmental Protection FAOPMA 2017


Manufacturing and marketing sprayers and foggers used in the pest control industry, Longray has developed a wide range of products, to suit the needs of all of their customers. They serve partners and customers in more than 130 countries, sharing their experience, through trainings and technical help. The main products they pride themselves with are thermal foggers and ULV foggers, meant to fight pests, while also taking into consideration public health, and maintaining a clean environment.

Longray FAOPMA 2017

Datum ClearMind Sdn Bhd

They are an IT support company, they are experts in online marketing and business software. Their goal in the pest control industry is to simplify tasks, and make it easier for businesses to offer their services to clients, through programs that help in maximising productivity and efficiency.

Pictures from FAOPMA – Pest Summit 2017

Lecture FAOPMA 2017Ensystex Exterra FAOPMA 2017 Telex Hong Kong FAOPMA 2017Pharmcle FAOPMA 2017Bayer FAOPMA 2017PelGar International ltd FAOPMA 2017Acumen Scientific FAOPMA 2017 TJC Chemical FAOPMA 2017 Unichem FAOPMA 2017Project Field FAOPMA 2017

Here at Nexles

we are thrilled to have the opportunity of presenting products from many of the suppliers mentioned above. We strive to cover all the needs of our customers as well, by taking part in events such as FAOPMA – Pest Summit 2017. As we keep up to date with the latest technology, products and innovations in the industry of pest control, our clients have the opportunity to use the best products on the market and also receive expert support.

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