Tulip mosaic – Tulip breaking virus

Tulip breaking virus 2

Tulip breaking virus 2

This disease is common for all areas where tulips are grown and it decreases the quality and quantity of the tulip production.


This disease either affects some organs of the tulip plant, or it affects all organs. Yellow stripes, or discolored stains emerge on the leaves of the affected plants.

As a result of this disease, the plant’s growth is stopped, the plant develops a superficial root system and the flowers emerge 7-10 days later.

Tulip breaking virus

This disease also affects the perigons and the symptoms are stain, stripes that have a darker color than normal, or a lighter color than normal.


The Tulip Breaking virus survives from one year to the following through the bulbs that have grown from other infected plants. During the plants’ vegetation period, this virus is spread by aphids.

Tulip breaking virus 1

Prevention and control

We recommend using a tolerant or resilient vegetal material when planting and rigorously choosing the plants used for reproducing. The infected plants also need to be removed from the crop and the aphid population needs to be kept away.

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