Tobacco mosaic – Tobacco mosaic virus

Tobacco mosaic virus - affected plants

Tobacco mosaic virus - affected plants

The virus that causes this disease is frequently found in all countries and it causes significant damage to numerous crop plants.


When it comes to the tobacco, the symptoms of this disease are visible on the leaves. The veins of the young leaves become stained more rapidly. As the disease progresses, irregular, light green or yellow stains emerge on the developed leaves. These alternate with the green areas of the leaves, giving the leaves a mosaic aspect. The affected leaves are deformed and rugged.

Tobacco mosaic virus


The Mosaic virus is a pathogen that also attacks the tomatoes and peppers, besides the tobacco.

The virus survives from one year to the following through the infested seeds from the soil. During the vegetation period it spreads through the mechanical contact between the healthy and ill plants and through the infected tools.

Prevention and control

We recommend disinfecting all tools used for the maintenance procedures, using a mixture of 40% Formaldehyde. It is also very important to sterilize the soil and to remove all symptom bearing plants from the crop.

We also recommend a correct crop rotation and always planting resilient species.

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