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tifone logoTifone is a company established in 1955, as the first manufacturer of advanced air-sprinkler equipment for orchards and plant cultures, which at that time, was made with hand lances and long hoses placed hundreds of feet on the ground and in the mud. As innovators, they have then developed in 1965 the ‘Citizen line’, a family of sprayers based on a new concept of multi-orientable spray-cannons, that has helped since with pest control and environment protection.

They have become market leaders in Europe, and especially in Italy when it comes to manufacturing pest control equipment. They have their manufacturing line and the research and development one based in Italy, but their clients have spread all over the world to over 100 countries. With a continuous innovative process, commitment, and high-quality standards, the company has made itself remarkable in the industry market. They are very focused on customer care and offer maintenance for the recently bought products, in order to assist and help the customers to use their equipment safely and correctly.

Tifone has invested continuously in increased performance, safety, noise reduction, and environmental protection, for the highest customer satisfaction.

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