Spray Team – Atomizzatori agricoli e urbani per il pest control

spray team

spray teamSpray Team is specialised in the production of atomizers and sprayers for urban disinfestation and disinfection, and the treatment of private and public green areas. 

Established in 1995, Spray Team is based on the desire of improvement of a group of individuals working in the phytopharmaceutical industry. This industry, of plant protection products, and their experience of over 20 years, led to the realisation that there is a need for development of atomizers and sprayers. With time, they have managed to develop and sale equipment and machines used for urban disinfestation and disinfection, and also for the treatment of private and public green and other such areas.

Their products can be used in health and environment, agriculture and fire fighting, as they have developed lines for all these types of products, from towed atomizers, foggers, thermo-mist generators, and other such items relevant to the industry.

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