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SoloSOLO  is a German established company, founded in 1948. They are part of the world’s top suppliers of innovative, quality outdoor equipment and parts for both home users and professionals worldwide. They manufacture sprayers and misters, blowers and cut-off machines, thus making gardening easier, quicker and cleaner.

In addition to their Germany-based headquarters, they have subsidiaries and partners all around the world, making it easier for them to have a global reach and maintain their status on the industry’s market.

Types of products

With a wide range of products, they manufacture:

  • Sprayers / Pesticide Applicators
  • Chainsaws
  • Trimmers, Multi Systems & Brushcutters
  • Ride on Mowers
  • Post Hole borers
  • Petrol drills
  • Blowers & Blower/Vac
  • Fertiliser / seed Spreaders
  • Lawnmowers
  • Scarifiers, Sickle Bar Mowers & Cultivators
  • Petrol winches
  • Spares & Accessories
  • Oils & cleaners


SOLO’s history is full of innovations and developments, as throughout the years they have managed to manufacture products which were first of their kind.

1949: The prototype of the first horizontal rotary lawn mower was presented at the DLG exhibition in Hanover. They also presented a water pump and a double piston pump for plant protection, especially of the vineyards. At this exhibition they received an order of 300 double piston pumps, with huge success among the Stuttgart vineyard growers.
1951: The first portable fogger is being developed, the method being revolutionary in plant protection against pests. So instead of using stationary engines with long sleeves handled by many people, people started using portable devices, which can be handled by a single person, hence the name of “SOLO”. These appliances revolutionised the agricultural industry and the means of plant protection.
1953: The decision to become independent producers was made, thus opening the first factory in Maichingen, where offices and a showroom were also opened. Here they produced and sold in the first year over 5000 units, more than half of them being exported.
1956: After a great success of the portable fogging machine, and with requirements for a small-sized engine, the first lawnmower machine appears. A year after its appearance, over 10,000 units were produced, with sales doubling each year.
1958: As the factory reached 100 employees, and during winter there was no demand for machinery, they started production of the first chain saw called SOLO REX.
1960: Due to constant sales growth of more than 65,000 units, the company opens its first offshore subdivision in the US, in Newport News, Virginia.
1961: The first plastic pump made exclusively from plastic is available for manual spray operations.
1962-1963: Subdivisions of the factory are opened in Sweden, Spain and Switzerland, expanding the distribution area around the globe. The number of machines manufactured exceeded 100,000.
1963-1969: The number of orders increases each year, bringing it to over 1 million units out of the factory.
1971: The mopeds are added to their production line, constituting a brand new diversity in the sales program. A further innovation is the appearance of the first all-terrain vehicle manufactured in Europe, called the SOLO 750, which has 6 wheels.
1972: The first electric moped in Europe is presented to the public. Total production of mopeds is on the rise.
1972-1979: Sales of SOLO machines are constantly expanding, due to modernised factories.
1980: They take over the production of external engines from Volvo Penta and thus develops and produces a new and compact engine.
1981-1983: Development of devices through more complex equipment for atomizers and lawn mowers. The induction and use of high-quality composite plastic bridges takes place.
1992-1993: Development of a new series and the first meeting with the modern Stirling-Motor. The use of Stirling engines is a decisive advantage over conventional engines. Service intervals of 5000-10000 hours and a longer engine life, high efficiency electricity, low noise and low pollutant emissions offer benefits for ecological operation.
1995-1996: The steady increase in demand for plant protection products has led to the expansion of Newport News factories, but also to the development of manual spray pumps made of spray plastic. Since the founding of SOLO Kleinmotoren, there have been manufactured and sold over 10 million machines.
1999: The issue of plagiarism has increased as copies of sprayers have sprung up all over the world, forcing them to launch a worldwide counter-campaign.
1999-2010: SOLO devices are sold in all countries of the world and are used in diverse fields.

Nowadays, they produce a complete range of garden maintenance equipment, including sprayers, atomizers, power saws, trimmers, blowers, and more. Their goal is the satisfaction of their customers and they know that the safety, ergonomics, strength, comfort and economy of SOLO products will not only meet the needs, but will also make their customers recommend SOLO products to others, as well.

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