Shepherd’s purse – Capsella bursa pastoris

Capsella bursa pastoris

Capsella bursa pastoris

Capsella bursa pastoris (shepherd’s purse) is an annual or annual-hibernating plant, that has a pivoting root. It can be found on all soil types, but it prefers permeable soils.

Common name: shepherd’s purse.


The stem is vertical. It is simple or branched and it can grow 50-cm long.

Capsella bursa pastoris - plant

The cotyledons are long-oval, very small, with short petioles and laid on the soil.

Capsella bursa pastoris - cotydelon

The real leaves, at first, have a lingual shape. The first leaf has full margins. The following leaves are elongated, lacy, with margins that are heavily lobed. The leaves are also divided and have petioles. The shape of the leaves can be lanceolate or arrow shaped.

The flower is small and white. The inflorescence is a terminal one, serrated and umbrella-shaped.

Capsella bursa pastoris - flower

Capsella bursa pastoris - flower 1

The blossoming period is year-round. The plant produces between 2000 to 4000 seeds.

How to fight this pest plant

The herbicides that are recommended when fighting the shepherd’s purse are: Buctril Universal, Cambio, Dicopur Top, Mustang, Sekator Progress.

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