Prevent infestation with Spiders

spiders araneae prevent infestation with

Most spiders prefer living outdoors, but all too often, you may run across a few spiders that have found their way indoors in search of food or shelter. Learning how to prevent this from happening is important, as depending on the species, spiders are not pests you would like to find in your house. The number of spiders usually increases in the autumn, and the males sometimes venture into homes in search of a mate. Keeping a clean house is the main step you need to take in order to keep spiders away. If you discover a spider web, you will need to vacuum and wash the area, in order to destroy the spiders’ tool for catching food.

spiders araneae prevent infestation with

In order to prevent any possible spider infestations from taking place inside your house, you will need to follow certain preventive measures, starting with maintaining a constant level of sanitation, and continuing with ways of keeping them out or deterring the ones that are already inside.

Keep spiders away from your yard

  • keep outdoor lights off, as they do not necessarily attract spiders, but other insects that spiders eat;
  • switch to yellow sodium vapor light, which are less appealing for insects;
  • remove vegetation from the perimeter of your house, such ivy or other plants that can become a hiding spot for spiders;
  • remove mulch, stones, leaves and other debris near your home;
  • keep tall grass trimmed yard as it can easily become a hiding place for spiders if left unattended;
  • plant shrubs at a significant distance from your house, to avoid them wandering inside your home with ease;
  • limit outdoor storage containers, or use aplastic containers instead of cardboard ones and always check them thoroughly before bringing them into the house;
  • remove webs when seeing them on the side of buildings as it will discourage the spider from returning.

Prevent spiders from entering your home

  • check your home thoroughly for cracks and open spaces that could allow spiders to enter your home;
  • patch up any holes you find and caulk up large gaps in closed doors or windows; also apply caulk around wires, cables, faucets, and electrical components, since all of these must run to the outside;
  • replace torn window screens and cover vents and chimneys with fine mesh insect screens;
  • install tight-fitting screens, weather stripping and door sweeps;
  • do not leave food crumbs lying around as any type of leftover will attract ants, will will in turn attract spiders;
  • sweep and vacuum regularly, wipe tables and counters and wash dishes often as to avoid attracting other pests into your home, as they can become a food source for spiders;
  • do not keep a cluttered house, because spiders can easily find a hiding place in old newspapers or piles of dirty clothes
  • use plastic storage containers as it is more difficult for spiders to crawl inside of them, than in cardboard boxes.

As a natural repellent for spiders, you can use essential oils such as peppermint oil, tea tree oil, citrus oil, lavender oil, or neem oil. All these oils have a potent smell which is fairly unappealing to spiders and also to other insects. By using a bit of soap to break down the oil molecules, you can prepare a spray solution and use it along openings spiders might squeeze through, such as door cracks and window frames. You can also do this using diluted lemon juice, as it also repels spiders with its stingy smell. Cinnamon is also a product you can use around your house, either in its natural form, or through scented candles or cinnamon oil. Keep in mind that all these natural repellents must be used in combination with the measures mentioned above. By just spraying scented oils around your house, but not cleaning and decluttering around, you will not be able to make a very effective move against a spider infestation.

Having a pet dog or cat also helps, as they will chase and catch almost anything, and a spider running across the floor is a perfect target. Especially cats can get the job done, as they will also frighten spiders. You can also invest in cedar wood furniture, as its strong smell can also deter spiders. You can also put cedar wood blocks around your yard for the same effect.

Natural repellents and cleaners are perfect non-toxic methods that are easy and safe to use. Beside using them, make your residence less attractive to spiders, remove any food source they could have and try to maintain a constant level of sanitation. Applying these preventive methods should do the trick when it comes to avoiding the development of an infestation. If you are already dealing with such a situation in your home or your garden, take a look at our relevant article and learn how to get rid of a spider infestation, but keep in mind that preventive measures must always be applied, even after getting rid of the pest concerned.

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