Potato Mottle – Potato virus Y

Potato virus Y

Potato virus Y

This is a dangerous disease as it compromises up to 80% of the tubercles production.


The potato plants’ reactions to the attack of this virus is different depending on the virus strain, on the potato species, on the environment conditions and on the presence of other viruses.

This disease affects the aerial stems and the leaves. Necrotic stripes and stains are visible on the affected organs. The leaves wilt and become dried, starting with the base ones. The leaves also fall off the tendrils, leaving the plants only with a small bunch of green leaves on their tips.

After the attack, the plants that have grown from infected tubercles, or the plants that have been infected at young ages, will not bear fruit, whereas the plants that have been infected at a later stage in their development (when the disease can only be seen as a mosaic) will produce virus carrying tubercles.

Potato virus Y - affected tubers


The Potato Virus Y survives from one year to the following through the infected tubercles and during the vegetation period it is spread through aphids.

Prevention and control

We recommend planting resilient potato species and tubercles that haven’t been infected. Another useful trick would be to speed up the vegetation period of the potatoes (pre-germinating the tubers, early sowing). The affected plants must be rapidly removed from the crop, the pest insects must also be fought and the potato tubers must be harvested a bit earlier.

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