Potato leaf roll – Potato leaf roll virus

Potato leaf roll virus

Potato leaf roll virus

This is the most damaging virus infection that can affect the potato crop as the damage can rise up to 10% on the tolerant potato species and 95% on the sensitive potato species.


The potato plants that have grown from infected tubers are shorter than the normal ones. The leaves of these plants have twisted leaflets (upwards). These leaves will quickly become rugged, brickle and stiff and their petioles will have a vertical position.

When touching the infected plants, these will produce a metallic sound. Some potato species will also have a violet color on the inferior side of their leaflets. After the attack the tubers remain small and few, and possess necrosed pulps.

The plants which have been infected during their vegetation period will only have twisted leaves on the upper leaf layers.

Potato leaf roll virus - affected leaves


The Potato Leafroll virus survives from one year to the following through the infected tubers and its spread during the vegetation period is carried out with the help of aphids.

Prevention and control

We recommend using a healthy and resilient planting material, taking out the infected plants from the crop and controlling the aphid population.

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