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pelgar logoPelGar is a British company meant to develop and supply innovative products to the pesticide market. They focus on rodenticide and insecticide products, using active substances that are available in a wide range of formulations, managing and providing cost-effective control methods. Their products aim to maximize the efficacy against the targeted pest, whilst using methods in which to minimize any risk again the environment, non-targeted species, and most importantly, any risk to the user.

PelGar International was incorporated in 1995 and is a leading manufacturer in the industry of highly effective rodenticide and insecticide products, for controlling public health and agricultural (non-crop) pests.

Global expansion and benefits of PelGar products

Operating from its UK headquarters in Hampshire, PelGar also has local offices in Europe, Australia, and North America, managing to provide products and expertise to pest controllers in over 50 countries worldwide. They not only support their customers who are involved in controlling nuisance pests but are also working strategically in national campaigns against the vectors of disease. They develop innovative products and aim to assist their customers in creating global public health awareness. They have a goal in developing different types of formulations of their active substances, in order to make sure the necessary solutions are available in a wide range of their products.

Through the research and development base that they have, PelGar continuously manages to use internal and external resources, and innovative technology to maximize their efficiency while also minimizing any potential risk to the user.

With their experienced staff and efficient in-house manufacturing, PelGar has the flexibility to provide innovative products, while still retaining control on the quality and service they provide.
Focusing on two sectors of the industry, rodenticides, and insecticides, this company manages to cover the most important aspect needed by their customers, while also providing support and knowledge regarding issues such as pest biology and behavior, chemical and physical control methods, and also application techniques for their provided pesticides.

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