Our visit at PestTech 2022, Milton Keynes

PestTech 2022

On 9th November, the NPTA’s annual PestTech exhibition and conference returned to Milton Keynes. Being one of the largest industry events, featuring over 50 exhibitors and a full programme of presentations, this annual gathering of more than 1,000 pest controllers aims to showcase the very latest information.

PestTech 2022 caters for every sector of the pest control industry, as the exhibitions cover not only the newest items of apparatus or products found on the market, but also includes seminars based on certain themes and aspect with high interest in the industry.

PestTech 2022

Some of the suppliers Nexles collaborates with could be seen at the stands of PestTech 2022, presenting their latest designs and products in the industry of pest control. Below you can find some details regarding these companies, and pictures marking their presence at this event.


Syngenta is a Swiss biotechnology company, focused on producing pesticides, seeds and flowers. It has five product lines for pesticides, herbicides, non-selective herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and seed care, and also three product lines which focus on the development of corn, soya and other field crops and vegetables. They focus not only on farm pest control but also on residential and commercial ones, developing a broad portfolio of products that match any need, in any situation.

Syngenta PestTech 2022

PelGar International

PelGar is a British company meant to develop and supply innovative products to the pesticide market. They focus on rodenticide and insecticide products, using active substances that are available in a wide range of formulations, managing thus to provide cost-effective control methods. Their products aim to maximise the efficacy against the targeted pest, whilst using methods in which to minimise any risk again the environment, non-targeted species, and most importantly, any risk to the user.

Pelgar International PestTech 2022 Pelgar International 1 PestTech 2022


BASF is a German chemical company with subsidiaries in over 80 countries in the world. It currently produces a wide range of chemicals such as solvents, amines, resins, glues or electronic-grade chemicals, but they also place great emphasis on the production of fertilizers and pesticides. This latter division produces fungicides, herbicides and insecticides. Investing in research and development of new products each year, BASF Urban and Rural Pest Control delivers smart solutions for pest management professionals.

Basf PestTech 2022


Killgerm Chemicals is a UK-based company known as the leading pest control product supplier and provider of training and technical support. They believe that the basis of good pest management is knowledge and they offer a wide variety of courses for different levels of experience and knowledge from basic principles of pest control, to specialist courses and RSPH qualifications.
Killgerm Group takes a very serious view of its responsibilities to the environment. They operate an industry-supported waste disposal scheme whereby redundant pesticides or used packaging are disposed of.

Killgerm PestTech 2022


Barrettine Environmental Health is a UK company working with pest control professionals, and distributors into agriculture and individual business operators, providing the most effective pest control solutions available. Being active members of the British Pest Control Association (BPCA) and National Pest Technicians Association (NTPA), Barrettine has established itself as a major force in the supply of public health and pest control products.

Barrettine PestTech 2022

Here are some other pictures from PestTech 2022, Milton Keynes:

birds of prey PestTech 2022 Deadline PestTech 2022

Defender PestTech 2022 Edialux PestTech 2022

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