Our visit at IPM Essen 2020, Germany


This year, IPM Essen is being held between 28.01. – 31.01.2020, in Essen, Germany. Gathering 1,550 exhibitors from 46 countries, and serving up to 53.ooo trade visitors, IPM Essen is one of the largest exhibitions in the horticulture industry.

IPM Essen 2020

Being known as the world’s leading trade fair for horticulture, IPM Essen presents great product choice and international partner network, new plant varieties and innovative technology, as well as the latest green trends and concepts.

The GREEN CITY area, where the main exhibition takes part, also hosts the Horticultural Information Centre with Innovation Showcase and the exhibition “Blurring boundaries – a sector in transformation”. IPM competitions are also held there, including the IPM Messe Cup 2020 with the theme “This is how I live – it doesn’t get any greener!”. The association of German Young Gardeners, educational institutes, or the Green Careers area with a job fair can also be found this year at IPM Essen.

The exhibition area is also divided in different zones, dealing with four major themes. You can find exhibitors relating to Plants, Floristry, Technology and Garden Features, all under the same roof.

In each of these, detailed exhibitions can be found:
– the Plant area is showing nursery plants, flowering pot plants, bulbs, shrubs and seeds and cut flowers;
– the Technology area presents methods of greenhouse construction, heating systems, plant protection ideas, details about irrigation and drainage systems, transportation and lifting equipment, tools for landscaping and more ;
– the Floristry area presents arts and crafts, wickerwork, hand-made pottery, and Plant pots of glass, ceramics, porcelain, plastics and enamel;
– the Garden features area shows garden equipment, fountains, horticultural tools, working and protective clothing, as well as specialist literature.


Bioplant Naturverfahren GmbH is a family-run company, founded in 1984 in Constance on Lake Constance and is a leading manufacturer of homeopathic plant tonics. BIPLANTOL supports the plant in correcting malfunctions or promoting necessary functions, such as defense against an illness, but can only show up with additional stress factors. BIPLANTOL can easily be applied via irrigation or spray water and can also be used together with fertilizers.

IPM Essen 2020 Biplantol 2IPM Essen 2020 Biplantol


Birchmeier is a Swiss manufacturer of sprayers, foamers, compression sprayers, wheelbarrow sprayers and hand sprayers which can be used in the garden or in any other aspect of the agricultural industry. They offer a wide variety of products, with an international distributor network, not only for their products, nut for their accessories as well. Designed to be durable, their sprayers are known for their high quality, which is based on their ongoing process monitoring, their level of flexibility, as well as constant improvements in quality and their products in general.

IPM Essen 2020 Birchmeier 2IPM Essen 2020 Birchmeier


Econode Limited is a 100% New Zealand owned private company and empowers conservation with technology by providing a biosecurity wireless monitoring system using LoRaWAN IoT network. Their SmartTrap device executes an efficient way to check traps remotely in large scale and rugged areas and it can be attached to the existing traps in the market.
At Econode, they develop simple and effective tools for other rural and metropolitan monitoring tasks including remote power, vehicle monitoring and gate minding.

IPM Essen 2020 Econode


With a history of almost 35 years, Igeba has constantly developed their products into some of the most wanted on the market. As they focus on vector control, whether it is plant protection or disinfection of pests, Igeba has become a big supporter of the preservation of the habitat around us. Developing products like foggers and sprayers, used for the fight against pests, and set to meet the expectations of a professional or individual client as well, Igeba has expanded in over 100 countries, also offers support for their customers.
At Fruit Logistica, they exhibited they latest equipment, showing Thermal Fog Generators, ULV Aerosol Generators and Fogging Systems to the public.

IPM Essen 2020 Igeba

Lanxess – Virkon

LANXESS is a leading specialty chemicals company that deals with the development, manufacturing and marketing of chemical intermediates, additives, specialty chemicals and plastics.
Virkon is a trademark of LANXESS. The Virkon is a range of science-based biocidal technologies, for animal health biosecurity and it has been specifically engineered to provide highly effective, fast-acting, flexible and convenient, modern formulated disinfectant solutions for commercial livestock producers, veterinary hospitals and farmers.

IPM Essen 2020 LANXESS - Virkon 2IPM Essen 2020 LANXESS - Virkon


Pulsfog was founded in 1968 and is now going to be handed over to the third family generation. The products are predominantly geared to applications in tropical countries. From the very beginning, pulsFOG has been manufacturing machines and equipment capable of atomising biological and chemical products to create and distribute fine aerosols over large areas. Pulsfogging is used for any pest control task where reduced quantities of active substances should be uniformly distributed even in inaccessible places, without leaving undesirable residues and without ground penetration.

IPM Essen 2020 Plus Fog


QUEDLINBURG is a german company founded in 1784 and it activates in the segments of seeds and bulbs. Quedlinburg seeds have high demands because of their seeds quality, purity, germination capacity and germination power. They generally refrain from using genetically modified seeds and are associated with traditional plant breeding and seed propagation and therefore work very closely with local Quedlinburg breeding companies.

IPM Essen 2020 Quedlinburger 2IPM Essen 2020 QuedlinburgerIPM Essen 2020 Quedlinburger 3

Schacht GmbH & Co

Schacht is a German company with over 180 years of experience in dealing with plant protection products. They are a family owned company, focused on offering their clients the best quality in products for ecological garden maintenance.
The range of items they produce and sell is quite large, from fertilizers, to plant remedies and toners, pest remedies, or garden maintenance items.
Beside the products they offer, Schacht also offers guidance when it comes to taking care of your garden, protecting your plants and improving the harvest of your crops and fruit trees.

IPM Essen 2020 Schacht 5IPM Essen 2020 Schacht 4

IPM Essen 2020 Schacht 2IPM Essen 2020 Schacht

Simeoni Tecnogreen

Simeoni Tecnogreen is an italian company that deals with innovative equipment for the nursery sector and for the cultivation of plants in general. They take care of nurseries, floriculture, horticulture, protected cultivation, young seedlings, public parks, gardens, landscaping and maintenance.
Their Fertil range is innovative, ecologic nursery equipment and includes fertil basic, fertil dispenser, fertil easy and fertil granomax products. The task of the Fertil range is to facilitate the distribution of granular products in a localized and spreading manner. The Fertil range products are professional and designed for the agriculture-nursery-gardening sector, therefore, they are specifically indicated for everyone who wants to quickly and accurately dose granular material.

IPM Essen 2020 Simeoni Tecnogreen


SOLO  is a German established company, founded in 1948. They are part of the world’s top suppliers of innovative, quality outdoor equipment and parts for both home users and professionals worldwide. They manufacture sprayers and misters, blowers and cut-off machines, thus making gardening easier, quicker and cleaner. Their goal is the satisfaction of their customers and they know that the safety, ergonomics, strength, comfort and economy of SOLO products will not only meet the needs, but will also make their customers recommend SOLO products to others, as well.

IPM Essen 2020 Solo 2IPM Essen 2020 Solo

Succulents Unlimited

Succulents Unlimited company was established in mid 2018 and is a company trading cuttings of different plant selections to all parts of the world. The company has its base in The Netherlands and is backed by supply from different growers worldwide. Their unique range of products partially comes from special breeding programs. Newly collected plants and new hybrids are added to their selections on a regular basis and they are very focused and open to product innovation.

IPM Essen 2020 Succulents Unlimited BV


Syngenta is a Swiss biotechnology company, focused on producing pesticides, seeds and flowers. It has five product lines for pesticides, more exactly herbicides, non-selective herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and seed care, and also three product lines which focus on the development of corn, soya and other field crops vegetables. They focus not only on farm pest control, but also on residential and commercial one, developing a broad portfolio of products that match any need, in any situation.

IPM Essen 2020 SyngentaIPM Essen 2020 Syngenta 2IPM Essen 2020 Syngenta 3


Waterdrinker was founded in the market in Zaandam, a city near Amsterdam. There the founder and namesake Jaap Waterdrinker began to trade in flowers and plants. At the beginning of 2018, they opened the Waterdrinker Green Trade Center (GTC): the largest green trade centre in Europe with no less than 25,000 m² of flowers, plants and accessories.

IPM Essen 2020 Waterdrinker

Here are some other pictures from IPM Essen 2020, showing the diversity of flowers:

IPM Essen 2020 PrimulaIPM Essen 2020 Phalenopsis 2IPM Essen 2020 Citrus 1IPM Essen 2020 Citrus 2IPM Essen 2020 Phalenopsis 1

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