Our visit at Fruit Logistica 2019, Berlin

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This year Fruit Logistica is held between 6-8 February in Berlin, Germany. Gathering 3.239 exhibitors from 84 countries and 78.000 trade visitors, it is one of the biggest exhibitions in international fresh fruit trade.

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At Fruit Logistica you can find every single sector of the fresh produce business and it has a complete picture about the latest innovations, services and products at every link in the international supply chain. It offers great chance of networking and contract opportunities to the key decision-makers in every sector of the industry.

At the exhibition you can participate in lectures about comparing operational costs of cold stores in fresh or frozen fruits, you can learn about a new trend product: Avocado or about Octinion – the new robotic strawberry harvester. You can  see traditional food presented in a modern way or you can try Arsial Regione Lazio, a mixed green asparagus cream.

Some of the suppliers we collaborate with will  be seen at the stands of Fruit Logistica 2019, presenting their best designs and products in the industry. Soon, you will be able to find some details about these companies, and also pictures marking their presence at this event.

Russell IPM

Russell IPM is known for providing pest monitoring and control solutions that simplify the trapping of both small and large pests. They design and manufacture pheromone lures and bio pesticides and are constantly developing new products, in order to best serve the agriculture sector, stored product industries, or home and garden markets.
They also deal with crops protection and control, with the help of digital traps, pheromone monitoring and integrated pest management.

Fruit Logistica 2019 Russel IPM


With a history of almost 35 years, Igeba has constantly developed their products into some of the most wanted on the market. As they focus on vector control, whether it is plant protection or disinfection of pests, Igeba has become a big supporter of the preservation of the habitat around us. Developing products like foggers and sprayers, used for the fight against pests, and set to meet the expectations of a professional or individual client as well, Igeba has expanded in over 100 countries, also offers support for their customers.
At Fruit Logistica, they exhibited they latest equipment, showing Thermal Fog Generators, ULV Aerosol Generators and Fogging Systems to the public.

Fruit Logistica 2019 Igeba Fruit Logistica 2019 Igeba 2Fruit Logistica 2019 Igeba 3


Jansen-Dongen is a company that packs onions, potatoes and carrots. Their channel from production to consumer is very short, because they have a great control over production, distribution, packaging and delivery of their  products. Their products are basic products, which are transformed from soil to package in the most efficient way.

Fruit Logistica 2019 Jansen-Donngen

Kay Bee Exports

Kay Bee Exports is a company founded in 1989 and now is the market leader in all the products it handles. They have a sustainable company and they have an effective quality control over their operations. Kay Bee Exports uses contract farming, where they buy plant protection products for the entire group of contract growers from the manufacturers and sell them to the farmers at much lesser prices than market prices. Kay Bee offers a fair-priced fixed contract rate to the farmers.

Fruit Logistica 2019 kaybee Fruit Logistica 2019 kaybee 2


Kyzone is a Portuguese company  that exports to over 70 countries and it is specialized in production of pest control plastic articles. They sell a full range of products for pest control professionals like bait stations, glue boards, traps and repellents, various plastic products for agriculture and gardening and various plastic products for barware and drink.

Fruit Logistica 2019 kyzone repellentFruit Logistica 2019 kyzone snail trapFruit Logistica 2019 kyzone trapsFruit Logistica 2019 kyzone fly traps

Rabita Agrotextil

Rabita Agrotextil is worldwide brand, present in 4 continents. Rabita Agrotextil is an experienced company with over 30 years in the field of manufacturing agricultural nets and other technical fabrics, and it has successfully adapted to the future being at the forefront of the agricultural technology.
They produce agricultural fabrics made up with monofilament yarns on the warp and raffia tape on the weft, all of them produced with HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). They make Anti Hail Nets, Insect Nets, Anti Thrips Nets, Windbreak Nets, Groundcover Nets, Mixta Nets, Shading Nets, Harvesting nets and Gardening nets.

Fruit Logistica 2019 Rabita 2 Fruit Logistica 2019 Rabita


Maxstim suggests a range of plant biostimulants for sport surfaces, agriculture and horticulture. The products are manufactured in UK and the R&D team includes academic and professional scientists and agronomists.
Maxstim is a biostimulant not a fertiliser or a crop protection product. It contains a specific blend of organic materials that maximise a plant’s ability to withstand and bloom. It will have a great impact on several fundamental processes such as respiration, photosynthesis, nucleic acid synthesis and ion uptake. It has been created to increase nutrient availability, water-holding capacity, antioxidants, metabolism and the production of chlorophyll.

Fruit Logistica 2019 Maxstim

Below you can find more pictures showing the exhibitors present at Fruit Logistica 2019 in Berlin. Showcasing their fruits, vegetables or products, they have brought their latest achievements to the public’s attention.

Fruit Logistica 2019 white potatoes Fruit Logistica 2019 red potatoesFruit Logistica 2019 Polskie PomidoryFruit Logistica 2019 vegelablesFruit Logistica 2019 lettuceFruit Logistica 2019 fruitsFruit Logistica 2019 FriweikaFruit Logistica 2019 melonsFruit Logistica 2019 VidecartFruit Logistica 2019 citrusFruit Logistica 2019 step systemsFruit Logistica 2019 sonatural Fruit Logistica 2019 PrimtalFruit Logistica 2019 berries  

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