Our visit at Expocida Iberia Madrid, 2020

Expocida Iberica 2020

Expocida Iberia 2020 took place in Madrid, on 20th and 21th of February. The fair brought together more than 1800 participants, all involved in the sector of Pest Control, whether they were organizations, companies, media or administrations.

The 2020 Fair took account of the high number of participants, and not only displayed their newest products in a great exhibition area, but also offered conference programs regarding the innovation, latest trends and best practices of the Pest Control sector.

Expocida Iberica 2020


Such meetings between the most important companies and brands of the industry are highly important, as they are meant to share with the public and the rest of the participants, their knowledge about the newest innovations in this field, as well as to bring up relevant topics that are of great interest to all the participants. Asking questions, sharing knowledge and reaching solutions is the best way to enrich the industry and make sure the products developed henceforth will be the best brands can offer to their clients.

The Congress covered topics regarding issues such as:
– essential aspects in pest control;
– strategies against vectors and emerging;
– alternatives to current rodenticides;
– deratization measures applied in more sensitive environments.

Over 40 exhibitors participated at the fair, bringing forward their latest products and solutions for pest control issues, as well as environmental health ones.


BASF is a German chemical company with subsidiaries in over 80 countries in the world. It currently produces a wide range of chemicals such as solvents, amines, resins, glues or electronic-grade chemicals, but they also place great emphasis on production of fertilizers and pesticides. This latter division produces fungicides, herbicides and insecticides. Investing in research and development of new products each year, BASF Urban and Rural Pest Control delivers smart solutions for pest management professionals.

BASF Expocida Iberica 2020BASF 4 Expocida Iberica 2020 BASF 1 Expocida Iberica 2020


Bayer AG is a German multinational, chemical, pharmaceutical and life sciences company. Being first known for the development of aspirin, Bayer has grown throughout the years and expanded its research in the industry of pest control as well. The Bayer CropScience part of the company has developed crop protection products such as pesticides, alongside other means of non-agricultural pest control, as it produces various fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, and some crop varieties.

Bayer 1 Expocida Iberica 2020 Bayer 2 Expocida Iberica 2020



Syngenta is a Swiss biotechnology company, focused on producing pesticides, seeds and flowers. It has five product lines for pesticides, more exactly herbicides, non-selective herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and seed care, and also three product lines which focus on the development of corn, soya and other field crops vegetables. They focus not only on farm pest control, but also on residential and commercial one, developing a broad portfolio of products that match any need, in any situation.

Syngenta Expocida Iberica 2020 Syngenta 1 Expocida Iberica 2020

Bell Laboratories

Dealing with rodent control products and ways in which to fight rats and mice, Bell Laboratories produce the highest quality rodenticides, tamper resistant bait stations, glue boards, attractants and traps. As they have a wide range of products developed and produced through innovation, they have become a market leader of the pest control industry.

Bell Laboratories Expocida Iberica 2020


Kwizda is an Austrian established group, involved in crop protection and fertilisers across Europe. Through their Kwizda Biocides branch, they have developed products meant to preserve the environment while also dealing with plant protection and pest control.
One of their brands is Dobol, which has been developed as several types of pest control products. The most known are fumigators, microgranules, gel bait for cockroaches and ants, and aerosols.

Kwizda Expocida Iberica 2020


Killgerm Chemicals is an UK based company known as the leader pest control product supplier and provider of training and technical support. They believe that the basis of good pest management is knowledge and they offer a wide variety of courses for different levels of experience and knowledge from basic principles of pest control, to specialist courses and RSPH qualifications.
Killgerm Group takes a very serious view of its responsibilities to the environment. They operate an industry supported waste disposal scheme whereby redundant pesticides or used packaging are disposed of.

Killgerm Expocida Iberica 2020


ORMA is a company that has operated in the pest control branches for 30 years. ORMA is a leading Italian manufacturer of pest control products. It was born in 1983 with 2 products, the Air Control insecticide aerosol can and the automatic dispenser with the same name. From that moment ORMA has always extended its products catalogue, introducing more articles and equipment, but always taking in count the values with which it was born: customers care and high quality products. Their catalogue is wide and can be divided in two different branches: pest control products and air fresheners.

Orma 1 Expocida Iberica 2020Orma Expocida Iberica 2020


PROTECTA PEST CONTROL provides a very professional and effective service to private properties, commercial properties and businesses throughout Sussex and Surrey.
They can effectively monitor and control all pest activity, rodents and insects, with visits and inspections spread out across the year. These are carried out by their qualified and uniformed technicians, all in a safe and professional way, with a full written and detailed report at every visit.

Protecta 1 Expocida Iberica 2020Protecta Expocida Iberica 2020


Quimunsa is a Spain based company that was founded in 1962. It focuses on agriculture crop protection and solar protection, pre and post harvest coatings, fruits and other harvests, diary industry hygiene and chemicals, waste water and pool maintenance, plant and industrial chemicals for many industries and hotel/restaurant chemicals and automation technology.

Quimunsa Expocida Iberica 2020


Shield Pest Control takes pride in providing the highest standard of pest control in the UK. They are a well-established company, and their friendly, professional approach to pest control has helped establish their reputation as one of the most trusted companies in the industry.
They provide pest control that is both efficient and cost-effective with dedicated customer service, which gives their clients assurance that will receive satisfaction, quality and value for money, knowing that all work is carried out with utmost environmental awareness.

Shield 1 Expocida Iberica 2020Shield Expocida Iberica 2020


TERMIGARD is an alternative method of biochemical control against termites. It is a termiticide system based on the use of food baits, designed and manufactured by their laboratories, with which they can achieve control and subsequent elimination of the colony.
TERMIGARD SYSTEM is a method of action, which allows to interfere in the food processes of the colony, by installing control stations on the ground and in places where termite activity is detected. In these stations, a biocidal food bait is introduced, from which the active ingredient of termiticide is supplied, to act in the biological organism of termites.

Termigard Expocida Iberica 2020

Here are some other pictures from Expocida Iberia Madrid, 2020:

Kwizda 1 Expocida Iberica 2020Green Strike Expocida Iberica 2020Evisane Expocida Iberica 2020Traps 1 Expocida Iberica 2020Masso Expocida Iberica 2020

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