Our visit at Disinfestando 2019 Milan

Disinfestando Milan 2019

Held on 6-7 March, 2019, Disinfestando is the only Italian fair dedicated to new technologies, products and Pest Control innovation. The 6th edition of this trade fair will take place at the MiCo – Milano Congressi, due to its structural possibilities to accommodate all the exhibitors that will participate at the fair.

Disinfestando Milan 2019

As it has expanded over the years, the 2019 edition has focused on environmental and public hygiene issues, as it brings together not only pest control operators and other members of this industry, but also members of other industries, such as food technologies, catering, or retailers.The fair was open not only for exhibitions, but the participants were also able to take part in workshops, conferences and other events.


Syngenta is a Swiss biotechnology company, focused on producing pesticides, seeds and flowers. It has five product lines for pesticides, more exactly herbicides, non-selective herbicides, fungicides, insecticides and seed care, and also three product lines which focus on the development of corn, soya and other field crops vegetables. They focus not only on farm pest control, but also on residential and commercial one, developing a broad portfolio of products that match any need, in any situation.

Disinfestando Milan 2019 Syngenta Disinfestando Milan 2019 Syngenta 2


With a history of almost 35 years, Igeba has constantly developed their products into some of the most wanted on the market. As they focus on vector control, whether it is plant protection or disinfection of pests, Igeba has become a big supporter of the preservation of the habitat around us. Developing products like foggers and sprayers, used for the fight against pests, and set to meet the expectations of a professional or individual client as well, Igeba has expanded in over 100 countries, also offers support for their customers.
At Fruit Logistica, they exhibited they latest equipment, showing Thermal Fog Generators, ULV Aerosol Generators and Fogging Systems to the public.

Disinfestando Milan 2019 Igeba Disinfestando Milan 2019 Igeba 2 Disinfestando Milan 2019 Igeba 3


Based in the UK, Pelsis has developed leading brands for commercial markets of the industry. They specialise in flying insect control, bird control, general pest control and washroom hygiene solutions. As they focus on their relationship with their customers, Pelsis have developed world class products, that manage to satisfy the needs of their customers, as well as their end users. They have several global sites, employing people across the globe. This international team offers high quality services such as customer support, sales and market leading advice.

Disinfestando Milan 2019 Pelsis 2 Disinfestando Milan 2019 Pelsis


BASF is a German chemical company with subsidiaries in over 80 countries in the world. It currently produces a wide range of chemicals such as solvents, amines, resins, glues or electronic-grade chemicals, but they also place great emphasis on production of fertilizers and pesticides. This latter division produces fungicides, herbicides and insecticides. Investing in research and development of new products each year, BASF Urban and Rural Pest Control delivers smart solutions for pest management professionals.

Disinfestando Milan 2019 BASF Disinfestando Milan 2019 BASF 2

Spray Team

Spray Team is specialised in the production of atomizers and sprayers for urban disinfestation and disinfection, and the treatment of private and public green areas.
Established in 1995, Spray Team is based on the desire of improvement of a group of individuals working in the phytopharmaceutical industry. This industry, of plant protection products, and their experience of over 20 years, led to the realisation that there is a need for development of atomizers and sprayers. With time, they have managed to develop and sale equipment and machines used for urban disinfestation and disinfection, and also for the treatment of private and public green and other such areas.
Their products can be used in health and environment, agriculture and fire fighting, as they have developed lines for all these types of products, from towed atomizers, foggers, thermo-mist generators, and other such items relevant to the industry.

Disinfestando Milan 2019 Spray Team Disinfestando Milan 2019 Spray Team 2

Bayer AG

Bayer AG is a German multinational, chemical, pharmaceutical and life sciences company. Being first known for the development of aspirin, Bayer has grown throughout the years and expanded its research in the industry of pest control as well. The Bayer CropScience part of the company has developed crop protection products such as pesticides, alongside other means of non-agricultural pest control, as it produces various fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, and some crop varieties.

Disinfestando Milan 2019 Bayer 2 Disinfestando Milan 2019 Bayer

Genicco Srl

Genicco Srl is a family that has always dedicated its energies to the search for new tools and new technologies at the service of disinfectants who rely on their professionalism and their decades of experience. Their goal is to create a real multi-brand distribution center, making their products and technologies available to customers with the firm conviction and respect for the environment in which we live.
With more than 35 years of experience in the disinfestation sector, practical knowledge and techniques, their strive to offer their best products an advice to their customers.

Disinfestando Milan 2019 Genicco

Green Place

GREEN PLACE is one of the leading pest control products manufacturer in the world. Founded in 2009 by Mr. Shay Mandelovich, it has multiple production lines in China and one factory in Israel. They a full range of novel and advanced pesticides and pest control products. The products from GREEN PLACE aim to be humanitarian, environmentally friendly and harmless to people. They are looking to leave the smallest possible footprint on the environment. It is their goal to offer to their customers, whether they are extermination and pest control specialists, or private customers, the widest range of products and solutions, to match their exact need.

Their scientists develop advanced traps and snares, and new age pest control products. All of their products must pass a strict panel of safety and quality tests before they are allowed to enter the market.
They believe in full transparency and sharing the knowledge with the customers, sharing the knowledge with other scientists around the world, as well as with other product developers. Their development team is constantly updated in the most current research in the world in their area of  extermination and pest control.

Disinfestando Milan 2019 Green Place


COPYR was founded in 1961. Since then, the company’s core business has been the development of pesticide and pyrethroid-based insecticides and with a high safety profile.
The knowledge gained in the development of natural derivation formulas allows COPYR to produce new effective, safe and specific solutions for the environment, operators and consumers.

Over 50 years of experience in the field have made Copyr an exclusive partner and a point of reference for Professional Disinfectants and all Operators in the world of disinfection.

The wide range of solutions, in full compliance with the ever-changing regulatory framework, is suitable for the defense and control of pests and weeds and responds to every need and scope of application:

  • domestic (private homes)
  • civil (offices, condominiums, hospitals, means of transport)
  • industrial (industries, food industries, warehouses)
  • rural (agro-zootechnical companies)

Disinfestando Milan 2019 CopyrDisinfestando Milan 2019 Copyr 3Disinfestando Milan 2019 Copyr 2

Blue Line

Bleu Line was founded in Forlì in 1982, on the initiative of Attilio Bazzocchi; the mix that has been created combining professionalism from different backgrounds with more traditional entrepreneurial capacity of Emilia Romagna people, the result is passion, creativity, professionalism and vision.
Today they continue their work with passion, offering solutions that meet the expectations of Italian and foreign markets customers, exporting the fruit of our work in more than 30 countries in different parts of the world. They offer for the customers quality products, efficient, more safe, and they guarantee a service that gives a serious and reliable partner.
2012 was an important anniversary to celebrate, they have celebrated the first thirty years with a series of important innovations:
• a new institutional brand
• new environmental and safety certification
• new business areas
• new venues

The Research & Development area is entirely devoted to research, develop and improve biocidal products such as insecticides and rodenticides: their mission is to find innovative, effective and sustainable products. The activity of Research & Development is carried out by highly qualified personnel, who work in close collaboration with Research Institutions and National and Europeans laboratories, accredited by the Competent Authorities for the implementation of tests and trials on the product prior to its authorization and the placing on the market. The results of the R&D of BLUE LINE have also led to numerous inventions, protected by international patents.

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