Onion weevil – Ceuthorhynchus suturalis

Ceuthorhynchus suturalis

Ceuthorhynchus suturalis


This species is spread in South Europe.


The adult has grey-brown colored body, 2-3 mm long. The egg is oval and translucent.

The larva is yellow, reddish -brown colored head, 6-7 mm long. The pupa is yellow, 2.5-3.5 mm long. It develops one generation per year and overwinters as an adult in the vegetal residues on the ground, under the soil clods or 3 cm deep in the soil.

Ceuthorhynchus suturalis - adult

In spring, at the end of March, the adults appear; they feed with the onion leaves parenchyma. The hatched larvae enter inside the onion leaves, feeding with the young tissues, leaving the epidermis intact.

Prevention and control

For control and prevention, the autumn deep ploughing is recommended, in order to destroy the hibernating adults, as well as treatments with Decis Mega, Fastac 10 EC.

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