Morrocan Locust – Dociostaurus maroccanus

Dociostaurus maroccanus

Dociostaurus maroccanus


Species often found in Southern Europe and less encountered in Central Europe. In Southern Europe, it is spread especially in the west and south plain regions, in isolated focus points.

Dociostaurus maroccanus - adult


The body of the adult is pale-reddish colored, with dark spots. The male is 17-28 mm long and the female is 25-400 mm long. The eggs are laid in a cylindric pod, which is usually slightly bent, 12-18 mm long.

Dociostaurus maroccanus 1

Dociostaurus maroccanus - eggs

The larva in the first instar is 5-10 mm long and dark brown colored.

Biology and ecology:

It forms one generation per year and overwinters as an egg laid in the pods in the soil. In spring, hatching starts at the end of April, with a staggered hatching, up to the second decade of May.

Dociostaurus maroccanus - eggs 1

Affected plants and damage:

It has a phytophagous trophic diet and feeds with cultivated and spontaneous green plants: cereals (wheat, corn), lucerne, clover, vegetables, technical plants (beetroot, tobacco) etc.

Prevention and control

Use products based on deltametrin (Decis Mega-20 ml/10 l water / 1300-2000 mp, Aqua K-othrine- 50 ml/10 l water/ 1300-2000 mp).

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