Mesto – Qualität Made in Germany seit 1919


Logo_mestoMesto is a German company with a history of almost 100 years, as they have been producing their sprayers since 1919. They have continuously expanded their business and developed quality products, which puts them in the top of the sprayer manufacturers. Beside the fact that they produce, pack and ship their products locally, in their facility in Freiberg am Neckar, they also tests their products in testing systems developed by themselves, as they continuously improve their processes.

Innovative products

Mesto’s aim is to offer the best scope of sprayers, that can be used non-stop, every day, for a long time. Thanks to their specialisation, the company is seen as reliable and can can reach the standard of innovation and performance leadership in this industry. As Mesto has established their production and logistic facility in Freiberg am Neckar indefinitely, their 75 employees cover the entire development of their products. They work on every aspect from the injection moulding of plastic parts through packing orders for shipment and testing their products. They also offer every year apprenticeship positions, as they believe in the constant development of their employees.

Due to their focus on constantly developing their products, they manage to guarantee the effective use of their resources and raw materials. They are also involved in the protection of the surrounding environment, and by building their new factory, Mesto will reduce the CO2 emissions with 50%.

Mesto’s sustainability means business performance while maintaining social and environmental responsibility. This is why the company offers a wide variety of sprayers, compression sprayers, trigger sprayers, spray backpacks and pressurised water tanks, all developed with a sense of responsibility and based on research and innovation.

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