How to get rid of Squirrels

squirrels sciuridae how to get rid of

Squirrels – are small to medium-sized rodents that are part of the Sciuridae family. They are adapted to almost any living environment, from rainforests to semi-arid deserts, the only exceptions being the polar regions or extremely arid deserts. 

Although squirrels are usually harmless, they can cause damage when entering the gardens and orchards of people looking for food and shelter (in bridges or sheds). 

squirrels sciuridae how to get rid of

Signs of infestation

Besides the obvious signs, the presence of squirrels can be recognised by the appearance of certain nests / or holes in the trunk of the trees. Squirrels also tend to chew on tree bark of young trees or dig up and consume plant bulbs. They can be seen running through trees or on the roofs of houses near chimneys. On the interior, chewed cables or attic noises can indicate as well the presence of squirrels.

How to keep squirrels away 

– Rake all the fallen fruits, acorns, nuts and seeds;
– Remove all food sources that may attract squirrels (food scraps, feed and poultry);
– Garbage storage and airtight containers.

Moreover, in order to limit the squirrels’ access to the interior, it is advisable to seal all the holes, mount the protection nets on the doors and windows, and cut branches of the trees that are very close to the house and the roof. Olfactory repellents or traps can also be used to drive squirrels away.

If the presence of squirrels has been noticed, olfactory repellents can be used to drive them away or traps can be used to catch them. 

Keep in mind that in some countries, certain species might be protected by law. Before taking any action against squirrels, we advise you to dig into the local legislation carefully. Thus, squirrels can be kept away from the household by using safe methods, without harming them in any way. Even more, calling a specialist can always be a safe and easy method.

Squirrel traps

Traps can be used both indoors and outdoors and they can be very helpful in capturing squirrels. Before 

Before purchasing a trap, it is advisable to carefully read all the specifications. It is recommended to mount it in the place where the presence of squirrels was noticed. To lure the squirrel into the trap, it is advisable to use bait (fruit, nuts, peanut butter, seeds) and remove alternative food sources around the trap. 

Check traps periodically. After each capture, remove the traps from the area. Regarding cage-style traps, after each capture, release the squirrels safely in another area. 


They are mechanical devices efficient in capturing squirrels on a certain surface. They are built out of plastic or metal and have longer durability. After capturing the animal, the traps can be disinfected and reused.

Squirrel repellents

Repellents are products that have in their composition substances with unpleasant odours (for squirrels), acting mainly on their sense of smell. Repellents in the form of granules are applied by spreading around the area to be protected (round structures, gardens). Repeat applications if necessary.


Repellents are liquid or solid substances used to remove target species and protect access areas. Due to their organoleptic properties, repellents create olfactory, tactile or optical barriers and produce unpleasant sensations for the target animal, discouraging its activity in treated areas.


It is important to mention that squirrels can carry various diseases and can become aggressive. Therefore, when they are released, protective gloves should be worn throughout the process.

A number of measures can be taken against squirrels to prevent their appearance in the yard or house. These measures consist of eliminating food sources that could attract squirrels, constantly removing rubbish and limiting their access to the interior with the help of protective nets on doors and windows and periodically trimming trees near the house.

Mechanical traps and repellents are recommended at the first signs of appearance.

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