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eMitter FuturA producer

FuturA was one of the first companies to foresee that pest control with toxic baits will no longer be applied and affect the environment. In 2006, the eMitter was developed, being the first Permanent Monitoring System with energy-self-sufficient trapping.

eMitter FuturA producer

Despite their small beginning, this system is now well-proven and technically matured and can be found in local retail stores, as well as in the warehouses of the worldwide market leaders of the international food industry. As their self-imposed standard is the highest demand, every detail of their products has been thoroughly tested and produced with dedication, as they strive to offer their clients the most innovative solutions on the market. Therefore their guiding principle is: “Setting the standard”.

FuturA GmbH is especially proud of its long-term international network with strong partners, as their products have been found, spread across the world, in places like Scandinavia, Greece, Cyprus, Great Britain, Ireland, the Benelux countries, Israel, Switzerland, Austria, and many others.

Due to their partnership with their sister companies, customers of FuturA will also benefit from a broad experience regarding building sealing and remedial action (Dr.-Dicht), but also practical applications of pest control products by renowned companies, such as Biotec Klute.

Product innovations like the well-known and proven Permanent Monitoring System eMitter or the worldwide first allergen-free bait NARA®, as well as the completely covered hygiene bait station SWOPBOX have made the name FuturA known and shown: FuturA stands for quality and innovation.

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